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22 April 2018

Hot Weather Beauty Heroes

Hello beautiful people!

You all know that I am knee deep in beauty at the moment, having gone from a total rookie to major fanatic faster than you can say, "but you can't afford yet another materialistic expensive hobby, Camilla!" Too damn late. It's already happened. That being said, I thought I'd at least make use of my new passion for all things glittery and skincare-y and share my wisdoms for hot weather. Here are the products I've been using (and loving) during my time in the sunny humid weather of the Caribbean.

1. Botanics Radiance Balm
This product was a little lost on my back in London, and took residence at the back of my make-up bag. I decided to bring it along on a whim and have really taken to it. It's perfect over suncream for a very subtle highlight on the cheekbones, nose bridge and cupids bow. It reflects light wonderfully, and I'm loving it mixed in with my cloud paint for an almost holographic shimmer in my blush.

2. Glossier Cloud Paint (Beam and Dusk)
My go to blush has not let me down in the heat, despite being a liquid formula. They look even better with a tan (dusk under the cheekbones, beam on the apples) and stay all day without fail.

3. Ole Henriksen Perfecting Moisturiser
I decided not to bring any heavy night cream out here with me, just taking my Ole Henriksen day cream, and I have not been disappointed. This cream is cloud levels light and fluffy, and really leaves the skin feeling fresh and bright without being heavy or making you sweat through it in tropical temperatures. My skin has been very, very well fed using this cream day and night.

4. Nip & Fab Kale Fix Clay Mask
Spending my days with my face exposed to the sun a lot means that moisture is my priority, and using this mask twice a week has helped keep my skin happy in the sun and also keep any blemishes at bay. I use this mask back home every week as well, and really cannot recommend it enough.

5. Fairydrops Waterproof Mascara
I want to sing to the heavens when I wear this, the first truly waterproof mascara I've ever tried. I went snorkeling, swimming, sweating and more all in a day and it didn't budge an inch. It's also a great mascara on it's own, giving really nice full long lashes and a natural curl. It is quite hard to take off though, so I don't wear it unless I'm going into water. (find it here)

6. Glossier Skin Tint
I almost never wear foundation, and certainly not on holiday, but this tint was perfect for neutralising some redness I had last week after getting a little too comfy in the sun during the day. It's light enough that it doesn't make you sweat more, and even if you do, streaks aren't noticeable. Dreamy.

7. Mario Badescu Face Spray (the pink one - not pictured)
I carry this bad boy with me all day, and apply it every few hours to keep my skin highdrated and calm in the sun. It smells lovely, and works well in my evening routine before my moisturiser to help the cream absorb as well as possible. I used to think facial sprays were useless, but I am completely converted. The aloe in the pink version has also been great at calming any minor sun burn on the face and chest.

9. Weleda Skin Food
Another sunburn saviour, this crazy thick moisturising cream has absolutely saved those little bits and spots I've missed with suncream. It's also been perfect to use as a hand cream after being in chlorine/ salt water all day to make sure my hands stay moisturised. Definitely not one to use all over due to it's heavy nature, this is magic (really, it is) skin food for extra dry and damaged bits.

10. Babyface highlighter
If I'm going out I like to have something a little more for my evening highlight than the Botanics balm, and this golden peachy highlighter goes perfectly with a tan and stays well in the heat. It's subtle, but gives a wonderful colour. It also comes in an adorable little package, with a applicator inside. Bonus points. (buy it here)

11. No7 Protect and Perfect Face Suncream
I really wanted to try Glossier's suncream, but never got around the ordering it in time so had to settle for the No7 at the Boots in the airport. Much to my surprise, it's actually been really great; it doesn't leave a white tint to the skin, lasts through sweat and a bit of water and goes well under a light layer of make-up. I also noticed it hasn't made me break out at all, which happens a lot when I put suncream on my face, so I'm a convert. I've been using the SPF30 in the morning, and it usually lasts me all day, even if I am tanning for a few hours.

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  1. I definitely need to save this post! As fun as the summer can be, I get sunburns more easily than a baby! Hopefully this year it won't be too bad, but considering the heatwave that's already hit the UK I'm not too sure, haha.

    Have a great rest of your holiday!

    Elizabeth xx


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