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07 January 2018

Actually wait, I do have one 2018 resolution...

I know I said I don't do resolutions, but hey ho here we are.

Today my phone ran out of battery - I was out (shopping, obviously - let's just say it was for groceries) and it died on me, in my hand. Cold, the iPhone home button annoyingly no longer functioning as a button so I couldn't even press it in fury. Cue screams, tears - women and children running through the streets. Panic. Mania. More screaming. I don't carry a portable charger, so add some extra cries on top of all of this and also a look of pity from a thirteen year old kid from across the food court.

I'm kidding, it was fine.

In fact, it was nice; spending a day wandering around without having to think about being checked up on and being able to just focus on what I was doing without feeling drawn to be doing something else at the same time. To walk and walk, without almost walking into a lamp post while checking a text. No scrolling while browsing, or tweeting while trying on.

So, my resolution for 2018 is to do one thing at a time.

I know women are painted as these fantastic multi-taskers by old wives tales and stereotypes alike, but sometimes life feels like it's spinning too fast when you're constantly connected, always doing a million things at once. You don't have time to stop and smell the roses when you're also scrolling through your Twitter feed. You won't even see the damn things, you'll just walk right past that flower bed into a lamp post. I know this, because I did it last week.

We live in a culture that celebrates busy-ness as success, but sometimes taking things one step at a time is the only way to enjoy them - to revel in them, and take the whole process in. I find myself sitting at my desk some days, editing photos while replying to emails, scrolling through Instagram and writing an article all at the same time. It's tiring - and yes, it might be lauded as a skill, but that doesn't make it universally positive.

Treating multitasking and filling our days to the very brim as the measure of productivity or success is a sure fire way to burn the hell out - and this year, I intend to do the opposite (glow up?). Sure, The Harvard review might say that people are impressed by a full schedule, but the ability to focus on one thing at a time is a heck of a lot more impressive, and is probably going to be a lot more productive than giving a million things much less attention.

It becomes a competition of who is more slammed at work, who is the most toasted from various hobbies and appointments and you end up looking back unable to remember the last time you just dedicated an hour of your time to one thing. Or two hours, heck - maybe even three. And its' not just about work. Working from home, as I am now, can be lonely - I often find Monday comes with a panic to fill my evenings up so I know I will be in contact with other humans, and not just my labrador. When I see people, 'Oh god - the world is burning and I have no free time' is my automatic response to any greeting. Even if it's just 'hello'. It's a culture that perpetuates itself on social media, and in almost every interaction I have. Sometimes the days can feel monotonous, and being busy is a sign of escaping something - maybe it's time to start looking at what we're so afraid of happening if we slow down? If someone only thinks you're successful because you haven't had a weekend to yourself in a year, they suck. Stop talking to them. Veto them.

Life isn't a calendar competition, and I'm bored of hearing how busy you've been. I don't want to hear that you've 'omg got NO TIME'. I want to hear what you've been spending your time on. Spending being the operative word - not rushing.

So - here's to a year of reading a book, or scrolling through a social media feed. Doing some baking, or answering emails. To a year of the 'or', and not the 'and'. A year of some empty evenings, and hour long lunch breaks.

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  1. Ahh such stunning photos tho! As always, I adore your look.
    Lol your depiction of what the world felt like when your iPhone died was actually pretty relatable, but it must've been nice to proceed without having it on anyway. Guess I should try that sometime instead of searching for a charger! I think your resolution is a really good one, and very possible to stick to as well. I agree that it'll be a lot more rewarding and productive for us to do less things, but with more focus. I'm trying to ditch the "multitasking" mentality unless it's really, desperately, urgently needed.
    Great post, have a lovely week!

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

  2. Ah Camilla! thank you for sharing these thoughts! I felt that feeling of "relief" you know you feel when thoughts you have and feelings that are troubling you for a long time, are expressed and written by a like-minded individual. I've been struggling with this for quite a long time - it just doesn't feel right for me when I do this certain multitasking, not enjoying an exhibition at the museum because "i have to take a picture of it" or post it on my Insta stories.. or browsing the super-market aisles without looking at my phone or thinking of whom I have to call or email. Or going for a drink with my mates, only to see them being on their phones all the time.. it just isn't me. We need to embrace that nature, to live IN the present and not try to be online while doing that. The online world should come separately and at its own time..

    lots of xx Eleni


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