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31 January 2018

A Weekend in Paris

Bonjour, mes petit croissants!

As you can see, I got back from Paris on Monday. It was a delightful weekend full of the most 'treat yo'self' attitude and good food. I didn't whip my camera out too much because in all honesty, I just needed a fun work free weekend with some girls and some wine and a lot of cheese. I did want to share a few images, outfits and also some tips and tricks on what we got up to in what essentially turned into an all you can eat weekend.

We arrived on Friday morning and headed straight to our lovely little (little being an understatement) AirBnB in Montmartre. We were about 30 seconds from the Sacre Coer which was really beautiful - the neighbourhood itself is so quintessentially Parisian it was well worth the smaller living space. After downing a bowl of pasta at the nearest restaurant, we headed back to the flat to come up with a strategy to tackle Paris and also have a quick cat nap. Nicely rested, we dolled ourselves right back up and headed on a mad hunt for crepes. It took around an hour, but we finally tracked some down and settled into a long chit chat in a little cafe. For dinner, we walked over to Maison Lautrec in Pigalle. There are so many wonderful restaurants in the area, if you make it past all the sex shops, and we were lucky to have stumbled across Lautrec while just randomly walking around on the aforementioned crepe hunt. The food comes in small portions, and they recommend ordering two or three. A light dinner and whisky later, we wondered down the road to Pink Mamma. The queue is always around the block I've heard, but luckily we managed to slip into the speak easy bar No Entry downstairs for some top notch cocktails. And by speakeasy, I mean you had to walk through a meat fridge to get to it. 

On Saturday we woke up bright an early (not) and headed straight to Merci for some brunch. We ate in the Used Book Cafe and had a really lovely serving of eggs and soldiers, and a good little look around the conjoined concept store. If you're looking for a central brunch spot, I really can't reccomend this enough. In keeping with our trend of being fantastic stalkers of Instagram hotspots, we headed over to The Frankie Shop for a gander of all the beautiful things we could not afford. I held a candle in my arms that I'd probably give a limb for, and then I cried we left. I'll be back for you, magic candle; don't you worry.

After Merci and The Frankie store, we wandered by Notre Dame and The Pompidou over to the Latin Quarter. We spent a lot of time walking over the weekend, hours and hours on end to get to every nook and cranny of the city. Intermittedly we would assume poses and shout, 'LIBERTE, EGALITE, FRATERNITE', or down glasses of wine and chase it with a healthy dose of 'VIVRE LE FRANCE!'. Why? Because we were in Paris and why the hell not. Our lunch spot in The Latin Quarter was Le Petit Perigourdine and was probably my favourite meal of the weekend. Cheesy mashed potatoes, cheese boards, cheese, and french onion soup with cheesy baguette on it. All of this cheese with some of the best Rose I've ever had, in a perfectly Parisian restaurant that looks almost like another tourist trap from the outside. This place is definitely a hidden gem worth seeking out.

At some point in between all of this I realised that the Seine was incredibly flooded.

We then hopped on the Metro back to Montmartre and spent some more time wandering in and out of the area, before heading back to the flat to get ready for a fantastic dinner at The Hoxton. The food was divine, the cocktails were funky and there was even a DJ so chic we all tried not to stare and instead awkward sneaked glances at her over our wine glasses like creepy men at the bar. After The Hoxton, we literally took two steps out of the bar and into another, Le Fou, across the street where we stayed until the early hours discussing the important things like boys and whether we'd ever be able to afford a house. I then insisted that we track down a pizza which took so long I fell asleep in the flat before it arrived and then had to awkwardly chase a delivery man down the streets of paris in my pyjamas with no shoes on at 4am.

Somewhat groggy the next morning, we went in hunt of a Laduree breakfast, walking over an hour to the Champs Elysees only to not find it. We then tried in vain to find another one, and after a lovely walk through the Tuileries ended up at Les Nemours by the Palais de Tokyo. Good food and milder weather turned our lunch into a three hour breath of fresh air and chocolat mousse. We asked ourselves whether we'd had enough cheese, decided we had not, and settled on fresh baguettes, wine, grapes and cheese for dinner that night. After Les Nemours, we took to the Musee D'Orsay to dilute our food escapades (...foodscapades?) with some good art. After D'Orsay we walked home and spent our Sunday night with the aforementioned cheese and wine and watched Eddie Izzard perform French stand up on Youtube.

Our final morning consisted of waking up a tad too late, and climbing the million steps to the top of the Sacre Coer, me trying not to disrupt the church service happening with my horrendous coughing and sniffling and then finishing off our trip with the best Croque's in the city at Madame Messieurs near the Gare Du Nord. Because I felt I had not spent enough time eating, I picked up a giant Macaron at Paul to eat on the Eurostar and was a little sad that I now probably couldn't eat any more cheese for a long time. Can you overdose on brie? I brie-lieve you can (sorry).

So - that was a fairly comprehensive of how we spent our weekend in the city of love, mainly flirting with food and walking all over the place to see as much as possible. What are your favourite spots in the city?

Outfit 1: ZARA coat and dungarees, & OTHER STORIES yellow jumper (c/o), CONVERSE shoes, JW ANDERSON bag.
Outfit 2: MANGO coat, ZARA dress, JOSEPH brogues, KINA AND TAM earrings.


  1. This sounds like such a lovely trip! I was recently in Paris with my uni, and though most of the trip had a schedule, some of my friends and I also found a speak-easy that you had to walk through a meat fridge to get into! There was a brief moment where my friends and I thought we were going to get kidnapped before we finally entered the main bar! Haha!!
    You can never really spend enough time in Paris. I hope you can make it back again soon!

    Elizabeth xx

  2. Gorgeous post Camilla, love the photos and your round up of your long weekend trip :) xx

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