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11 December 2017

Skincare Favourites From a Beauty Rookie


Perhaps a small disclaimer to start; I'm a total beauty rookie. Up until a few months ago, my entire morning routine consisted in baby wipes and some mascara. The first time I used cleanser was in August, and lets just say it was a slippery slope into a full skincare routine, so I thought I'd share what I've been using, rookie status and all. I am slowly making the move to a completely cruelty free make-up bag, replacing old products with new ones when I can, so the vast majority of these products are cruelty free.

My skin has never been problematic, so I'm very lucky in that respect and it was mainly this that contributed to me ignoring every skin product you could have thrown at me, but since starting up a routine, my skin is so much better. I rarely, if ever, have spots now and my skin is soft like a baby's butt - I assume, I have held babies before so I can reasonably assume their butt is just as soft as, if not more soft than, the rest of their skin.

OKAAAY THEN, here goes. These are the serums, cremes and whatnot that go on my pie hole. 

Glossier Super Pure and Super Bounce: I picked these up in New York in August because I am a sucker for some hype, and I've been really impressed. My skin is never dry (thanks Super Bounce) and I haven't had a proper spot since I started using Super Pure. I think these cover the bases nicely in terms of serums, leaving you both spot free and moisturised. 

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser: I've heard mixed reviews about this cleanser, and I use it as a second step (I take all of my make-up off using Yes To Charcoal detoxifying wipes, which are great by the way) and I really like it. It doesn't foam, so it doesn't dry out my skin but it still leaves it feeling very nice and clean. Even this rookie knows that is the job of a cleanser.

Nuxe Creme Fraiche Moisturiser*: This was kindly sent to me, and I've loved using it as an everyday moisturiser. It says it lasts 48 hours, so only needs to be used once a day but I use it morning and night anyway because it's winter. It's nice and thick, so feels very luxurious but without a hefty price tag and also acts as a great base for my make-up!

Nip & Fab Kale Fix Clay Mask: I just bought this a few days ago, but it's a really lovely light mask that doesn't dry out, which is nice. You pop it on for 15 minutes, wash away with warm water and your skin feels incredibly fresh and clean afterwards. I think me and this mask are going to get along very very well.

Sister & Co Raw Coconut Lip Tonic: I use this at night, and it's the best for waking up with soft lips ready for a bit of lipstick. Unlike other lip balms I've used, it doesn't just end up drying my lips out. During the day I use Glossier's coconut balm dot com, which is also yummy and good (not edible, sadly).

Lano Everywhere Multi-cream: Okay, so I don't use this on my face but it's great for your body, hands and...well, everywhere, as per the name. I have a huge bottle of this in my bathroom and it goes on, morning and night and doesn't dry out my shins like some moisturisers do (does anyone else have this problem? Is it just me? Is it weird? I don't know).

I hope this might aid some of you other skincare rookies, and maybe even experts, in your choices - luckily, it's all fairly inexpensive. Unluckily for me, I bought all of this around the same time so it all runs out at the same time every few months, and my bank account takes the hit. Don't make my mistakes.

What are your favourite products?

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