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15 November 2017

Why I Love Being Extra

I'm going to try and make this post eloquent but the reality is that I'm hungover as fuck. Bear with me.

I spent days so many of the last three years holed up at a desk, at home or in a library. University = sweatpants, leggings and old jumpers. Grim (and comfy) but moving back to London has lit a fancy fire in my heart. Any freelancer/ blogger will know that feeling of spending days on days at home, sometimes alone - it can make you go a little stir crazy when you have no reason to get ready in the morning other than to pop down to the local shop for yet more biscuits and tea. I just about crush my friends when I see them, frankly a bit overwhelmed by human contact.

And when I actually get a chance to leave my house for real? Oh, you know the sassy boots are coming out baby. I think a large part of it is also just growing into myself - I don't feel out of place in the street anymore like I did when I was younger. I'll never be one to cover myself in neon 'HELLO' signs, but I'm happy with the space that I take up in public. Why shouldn't I make that space beautiful, and demand the best for it?

In the last few months, I've been enjoying taking full advantage of getting out of the house by really putting my best foot forward - sometimes it just feels good to be a little overdressed and to be a little bit extra. I wore this dress last at my friends 21st for a black tie party, and just the other day to pop out and run some errands. It might not a ball gown, but it reminds me of how I felt when I was all dolled up. It feels a little special, and honestly when life is hard, making yourself feel special is the best thing you can do.

I think dressing up just for the sake of it is elevating - it's treating yourself like you do before a big night out, but every damn day. I feel like a queen B when I walk around in my best shoes just for a spot of shopping - I know some people might think its indulgent, or look at you funny, but who the hell has time for what strangers on the street think? I love the word 'extra' - I think it celebrates a culture where women aren't afraid to feel great, and to ask for what they want. We might make a meme of it, but there's nothing more empowering than knowing you're creating space around you to be yourself and to demand the very best. 

It's not just about clothes - whether its letting loose on some bubble bath, or making sure you get a great photo of yourself feeling good, the whole culture of 'extra' is a lifestyle choice. I know what I want, and I'm going to get it - I want to feel good, and I deserve to feel good. So often women are told that we can't have what we want, and called 'bossy' when we ask for it. We grow up in a world that doesn't want us to feel good about ourselves, and tells us to love ourselves for our own sanity, but shoves photoshopped images down our eye holes 24/7. It's something that needs to be challenged.

There is nothing wrong with going the extra mile, asking for what you want and taking up space in the world. So, be a little extra. I dare you.

ZARA coat (similar) and dress, GIVENCHY bag (here), & Other Stories boots (similar), TOPSHOP turtleneck, DANIEL WELLINGTON watch*, JANE KOENIG earrings*


  1. Omg, LOVE these photos. Your tones are excellent.
    I love your writing here. Never thought of being "extra" that way as it's kind of received a negative perception lately. Totally love how you described it as a culture of women who aren't afraid to feel great. <3 YES!
    Have a lovely week.

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

  2. I love being extra too girl. When I do go out I get all dressed up and such because hey you only live once!


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