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24 November 2017

Morrocan Moments

Hello angel faces - I hope your week has been absolutely wonderful.

I'm heading back to London today after a great few days in Marrakech with a little tummy (tagine 4 lyfe) and a little lighter on cash. I picked up some lovely little bits and bobs from the souks here (see: these red sandals). also I know you can see my boob outline in this bra and top combo, but I've got big boobs and it's bloody hard finding a strapless bra. This one may not be perfect, but it's the best of the breast as far as I'm concerned even if my cup does runneth a little over.

I love Marrakech - it's manic, bright, sunny, warm and never intimidating. Every corner smells of spices and there are cats on every rooftop lining the horizon. I'll put together a mini-guide when I'm back in London, but I can't recommend this city enough if you're in the mood for a weekend getaway. It's pure magic, mania and just a little slice of heaven. We've spent our days lounging on rooftops, getting very lost in the mazes of the souks and haggling until the sun starts to set. The evenings here are cooler, calling for mojitos, blankets and soups. I really don't think there is anywhere else in the world like here and I can't wait to make my way back soon. 

Yesterday evening we went for a little spa treatment called a Hammam - which I thought was going to be an exfoliating massage and ended up essentially being me bathed by a stranger. That is definitely the last time I believe myself when I say that my french is sufficient to get around without misunderstandings, but obviously I was born and raised in England so I just awkwardly smiled through the whole thing and prayed for a swift escape. Live and learn, and to the spa lady's credit, I was very clean afterwards. Also scarred for life, but in a kind of freshly buffed way. Shiny and traumatised.

I've also been treating the last few days as a bit of a tech-break, so while I've been uploading stuff on my Instagram, I know my posts haven't been as wordy as they usually are - I want to save all my chatting about our stay for my guide and it's been nice not to be glued to a computer. Blabber mouth me will be back next week, but I hope you enjoy these photos from yet another great spot in Riad El Fenn and thank me for the fact I didn't name this post 'Swish Swish Bitch' (excuse my french) after a certain Katy Perry song because that is how this skirt makes me feel. Just keep swishing.

TOPSHOP skirt (here), MONKI top, MARRAKECH sandals, GUCCI bag (here)


  1. Loveee your outfit, that skirt is perfect! So funny about the Hammam, what a strange job for that lady, and even weirder for you ha!

  2. A Marrakech guide would be perfect! I'm hoping to go for a few days in February and don't want to miss out on anything.
    Love the outfit and great photos: what camera do you use?

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