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11 November 2017

Life Lately


Happy Saturday! I'm still in bed, contemplating whether to go out for brunch, go to the gym or get on with some work. I have to admit that only the first option sounds even remotely appealing from under my duvet - lured out of the warmth by the promise of pancakes. I've got a slow weekend ahead, but a busy couple weeks.

In a couple weeks I'm heading off to Marrakech, which is exciting to say the least. I haven't been back in years, and I'm looking forward to a souk sessions to stock up my collection of bags and comfy slippers. Dreamy. I'm also incredibly excited for one last hurrah for all of my summer clothes, and there should be some very aesthetic content coming your way since we're staying at El Fenn. There is something magical about exploring a new city, but something cosy about rediscovering a place you know fairly well.

Either way, I'm looking forward to some sun. Graduate life is weird - sort of like being a fish out of water, hoping you grow legs and lungs real quick. Some days I feel endlessly inspired and upbeat, dancing through the city between friends and meetings, and other days I'm just like 'UGH WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MYSELF'. It's exhausting, but I think all part of the process. One minute I feel like I can conquer the world, the next I feel like a shellfish without a shell. So many sea life similies going on here, can you tell I'm having Blue Planet 2 withdrawal? I feel like a walrus without an iceberg to cradle my young on. I'll get there though - university was exhausting, part of me feels like I'm still just recovering from it all. 

Anyway, I'll leave this very bright H&M coat to do the rest of the talking.

H&M coat, Swedish Hasbeens flares, H&M boots, GUCCI bag, Zara jumper.


  1. I love this outfit and your photos!


  2. Giiirl your outfit in there photos is everything!! And I am actually planning on visiting Marrakech myself in the next few months (as I am taking a gap year before uni and travelling is definitely on the agenda) - it definitely seems like an exciting new city to explore:) Enjoy the rest of your weekend xox

    maria //

  3. So good to know I'm not the only one in this, I can totally relate to what you said, I just finished uni as well and it really is a weird feeling! Anyway, can't wait to see all the new content from Marrakech :)

  4. That coat is gorgeous!
    I hope you enjoy Marrakech! I'd love to visit one day.
    Also you get used to graduate life - it is really weird at first but if you're doing things you like, you start to appreciate it more and get into the groove of things :)

    Belle in Black and White

  5. Love this coat, looks amazing! Have a great trip! :)


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