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01 January 2015

Something different

AQ/AQ dress* via Over My Body (here)

It's here! The first day of 2015! The big two-oh-one-five (possibly don't call it that in real life). I thought it might be fun to start the new year with something different; I don't think I'm a model in the slightest (professional shower singer; can't juggle two careers at the same time), but I've always been interested in the idea of doing more editorial style posts occasionally. Let me know if this is something you guys like seeing- I know I love seeing them on other blogs. 
Moving swiftly on, you all know how I feel about New Year's resolutions *blows raspberry and thumbs down* but I've become quite fond of the idea of goals. Things I want to achieve- solid, concrete abs goals. Getting back into shape (CLICHE), writing more real articles for this blog like I used to do, graduate from my first year at University with at least a 2:1 average, spend this summer painting and visit at least one new country before the year is up. I think I can hack it- at the very least I want to reduce my cheesy chip habit down to at most twice a month. Why is it the more unhealthy food you add to unhealthy food, the better it tastes? WHY.
Now, go hug your hungover heads and watch bad movies. Kicking 2015's ass starts tomorrow.


  1. I love the editorial style of these photographs - it's definitely nice to mix things up on your blog now and again! Best wishes for 2015 and good luck with attaining all of your goals!

  2. Yes please, I'm all for the editorial style posts Camilla! You look gorgeous in this dress! x

  3. Beautiful!! ;) love the dress and pics.

  4. LOVE. More please!


  5. Pretty pictures!

  6. You are a lovely girl! You plan a busy year, so do I. Work harder, play harder, this is my way to life. Hope everything is gonna be well in the coming year! Happy New Year!

    p.s. I like your lovely little white dress <3

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