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18 January 2015

My New York City guide

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TO STAY: The Soho Grand

While I've stayed at numerous hotels in Manhattan all over town (The Hudson, The Avalon,  and the New York Marriott Marquis - all great!) The Soho Grand was by far my favourite. A fairly large boutique style hotel in the middle of Soho with fantastic food, drink and a pretty fantastic view (from our window at least, see above) I couldn't have asked for more. Every room has an Apple Mac too which is suave and very useful. The beds are comfy, the people are friendly and there's weird and wacky art everywhere. It isn't necessarily cheap per se, but if you want to splash just a little this is definitely the place to do it. 

310 West Broadway, New York City. 


I discovered this place thanks to Mel a couple years ago and we make it the first stop everytime we're in the city- luckily, this trip we were just around the corner and popped over for brunch the first day. The inside is quirky and relaxed, the people who work there are infinitely cooler than me and the food is just so good. It isn't remotely pretentious, we've never had to wait for a table and it's all homey American grub. Having tasted their baked oatmeal, eggs, pancakes, french toast and their chilli I can say I've never had a bad meal.  I have it on good authority (my dad) that they do mean sandwiches too. I've only ever been to their Nolita branch but they do have others in Chelsea, Union Square and West Village. Find all those locations here.

244 Mulberry Street, Nolita, Manhattan.


So here's a dish that is greatly misunderstood by the British; biscuits and gravy. I'm not talking hobnobs, guys, they're more like a savoury English Muffin but better and coated in sausage and gravy and it's beautiful. Now, usually I have to wait for when my Gran makes the trip from Kansas/ we find ourselves in the mid-west to get my fix but Peels NYC does an absolutely stellar attempt and if you find yourselves there, be bold and give them a go. I dare you to not love them.

325 Bowery, New York City.


A recent discovery from our last trip, we fell in love with this quaint spot on Lexington Avenue. Despite having excellent omelets, pancakes and cake, I love their granola and greek yogurt. Possibly the best I've ever had. Be prepared to wait for about 10 minutes at busy times, but the service is quick and friendly and the coffee is good.

159 Lexington Avenue, New York City.


After seeing SO MUCH INSTAGRAM of their cute little sugar sachets and being a sucker for a good pun ('I love you a latte'- I mean c'mon, it's almost better than a Hallmark card I get from my mum on valentines day). We popped here on the very last day before heading to the airport and it didn't dissapoint! I had possibly one of the best lattes ever, the servers were really lovely and the menu was a great mix of healthy and fun food that felt fresh and good to eat. I had a chicken sandwich with avocado, but apparently their burger and salads are also pretty yum. Instagram photo of the sugar packets obligatory because omg blogging.

50 Carmine Street and 224 Lafayette Street, New York City.


This was a first time thing for us, and will definitely become a regular. Situated on the edge of Tribeca with hands down the best pancakes I've ever had. While it sounds like all I do is eat pancakes when I'm in New York, that's because I do. So I know a think or two about 'em and these were the bomb. I had mine with walnuts and banana and almost died eating them but was then kept alive by the sheer need to eat more of them. Their Huevos Rancheros are also absolutely wonderful if you're after something a little more spicy. More homely food from a great spot, and definitely worth a look.

120 Husdon Street, New York City.


We stopped off here for a quick lunch not really expecting a whole lot considering it was on Broadway where a lot of the more tourist orientated average restaurants are, but this felt very local and their Cuban Sandwich (see above and weep) was really tasty. If you're in the area and feel hungry, definitely pop in. Heck, even if you aren't hungry, you will be when you see this sandwich.

643 Broadway, New York City.


If you're after a nice place to sit down and get a pizza, this is the spot. The staff were so nice and the pizza really hit the spot. Possibly some of the best pizza I've ever had, as demonstrated by how quickly I had to take these pictures before I hoovered half a pie up. The only place I found very few mixed reviews on and really worth the trip.

278 Bleecker street, New York City.


Aside from Louisiana in Danmark, this is my favourite museum. Sure, a lot of the stuff is weird but I kinda like that. They had some really interesting shows on and I finally got to see Van Gogh's Starry Night which made my trip. Be sure to stop by their Cafe 2 if you get hungry in between all that art, they do good grub.

11 West 53rd Street, New York City.


Definitely worth the trip to the area by the Meatpacking District. We've been a couple times and it's really fun to explore the building's quirky eateries and boutiques. It's a great place to escape the cold and never feels to crowded, the interior is fantastic too. I reckon I could spend a good few hours just looking at all the little shops. It's kinda like a really hipster tiny mall. Also, fyi, I knew about it before it was cool.

75 9th Avenue, New York City.


This was my first trip to the Guggenheim, and sadly none of the exhibitions allow photography but I really really loved some of the works here. Slightly more traditional than MoMa, they had some of Picasso's earlier work (which is amazing, if you haven't come across it) and at the moment they've got a really interesting show on Kandinsky before his Abstract period. Me and my dad are Kandinsky fangirls so we loved it.

1071 5th Avenue, New York City.


I think one of the biggest tourist mistakes is overlooking the Rockefeller Center for The Empire State Building. Having done both, I would definitely say the view from Top of The Rock is infinitely better and it also tends to be less crowded which is nice. If you want to see an unforgettable NYC skyline, pick the rock. Not only do you get to see all of Central Park in all it's glory, but you also get to see the Empire State building from a different perspective to if you were in it (obviously, but heck, it's pretty).

45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City.


While Central Park is an obvious must, if you happen to find yourself in the winter you can do some ice skating right in the middle of the park! I do this almost everytime I come during the season and even though I usually really dislike ice skating (the concept of wearing knives on your feet on a slippery surface just confuses me) I can't help but feel this is too special to miss out on. Make an afternoon of it, and get all cosy with a hot chocolate at one of the parka cafe's later.

Central Park.


If you didn't manage to stay here, they have a really lovely bar/ parlor where you can get fantastic cocktails and snacks. If you're headed to dinner in the Soho/ Chelsea area this is a really nice place to stop by before and get in a relaxed mood.  

310 West Broadway, New York City.


Bookmarc is (obviously) a kind of sub-shop to Marc Jacobs. They sell accesories, tech covers and books. It's a great place to spend a while looking around and maybe coming out with a little treat. I love the concept of mixing designer and literature, it feels like a very unique idea and the selection of fashion books is enough to lose yourself for a while.

400 Bleecker Street, New York City.


A great boutique in Soho with really cool brands that are probably too hip for me, but also don't burn a hole through your wallet. They stock things like Jefferey Campbell and for the half hour you're in that shop, the assistants are YOUR OMG BFF and will give you more love than your mother ever has. Even if I leave with nothing, I still love popping in and seeing what quirky bits and pieces they have.

149 Spring Street, New York City.


Ok, yeah, we have it in England now but it's still a lot cheaper in New York. I don't find that I love their clothing, but I blame my weird candle collection on this store. I could probably spend a good couple hours just looking around their homeware and pining for a place of my own that is bigger than one room to decorate. They've got one in Soho and in Chelsea Market and other places too I'm sure!

375 West Broadway, New York & Chelsea Market.


If you do end up visiting Chelsea Market, Artists & Fleas is definitely worth popping your head into to. It's essentially a massive store with loads of different stalls inside. Everything from beaten up vintage leather jackets, to quirky bags and sunglasses to delicate silver and gold jewelery bits from new brands. The above are by Cynthia Rybakoff and I'm not going to pretend I didn't come away with a few bits and pieces that have been glued to my fingers since.

Chelsea Market.


If I had to pick an area that I could spend a whole day shopping in, it would be Soho. It's cooler and more unique than Fifth avenue and often slightly less crowded. There's an infinite number of little boutiques to discover as well as big names like Bloomingdales, Topshop, J.Crew and every designer under the sun. Visiting during sale season is especially fun because yay discounts.

Well- that's all folks! My favourite bits and pieces of the most cliche city to be a little bit in love with. I feel like this guide is very personal - i.e. homely food that comes in normal human portions (not like half a pea glazed on sweetcorn jus in the name of fine dining) but is fresh, good and for the most part not junk food. The experiences are just things I love to do when I'm in the city, places I like to see and hopefully some tips that might help you make your next trip to New York a little different from the typical.
I really hope you enjoyed this and look forward to doing more City Guides in 2015! Stay fresh.

P.S Five Guys is x10 better than Shake Shack; don't make the mistake.


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    I'm also obsessed with Shmorgasburg (I think that's how you spell it....), a "Brooklyn Food Flea Market." You can only go there in warm weather, but it's awesome with tons of awesome foods. I had a giant ice cream sandwich. And you can walk over the Brooklyn bridge on the way, and take cute pictures in all the side streets. Hahaha.

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