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26 January 2015

An art to life's distractions

ZARA dress (similar), GARDENIA CPH shoes, ASOS tights (here) and coat (similar), DKNY bag via Harvey Nichols* (here), MANGO scarf // Ph by Ella Kemp

I usually really quite avidly dislike wearing tights- ask any one of my flatmates and they will attest to the fact that I always go out in the evenings without tights on (here's some bad life advice; vodka helps take the edge off the cold). Sadly during daylight this is somewhat less accepted so I'll usually rebound into jeans or not leave my room until it's warm enough again (a.k.a. June), but something about polka dot tights has changed everything. Maybe it's because they don't remind me of old lady stockings, maybe it's because they have polka dots on them (obvious yes, but even so) or maybe it's because my brain is trying to find some compromise to fend off pneumonia due to my own stupidity and pernickety nature.
Legs, you're semi-warm for yet another day.


  1. Absolutely amazing! Love that coat x

  2. beautiful coat ! very interesting shape but it looks sooo good !

  3. Haha, I have the same issue with tights! Totally not my favorite but during these cold days we just need them!

    Joy. | |

  4. Such nice colours! :)


  5. Haha I love how one of your plus points for wearing the polka dot tights is that they remind you of old lady stockings! Cus old lady stocking are so in right? aha love this post! And literally your coat is that amazing that your could be wearing multi coloured rainbow tights underneath and still look the bussiness! Xo

  6. gorgeous outfit! love the polka dot tights :)

  7. Your 'bad' life advice is indeed my greatest tip too! x

  8. Love the DKNY bag!!!

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  9. love this look on you!! love the coat and pretty tights :)

  10. Obsessed with this outfit!

    x Kat

  11. I know lots of girls are not really keen on the idea of tights, but this pair's simply adorable and almost matches with every winter look xx Love this outfit u've created, chic and elegant trench coat with those shoes just create perfection for casualty xx Hope u'll have a beautiful week, my lovely xx

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  12. Great styling, beautiful pics!


  13. Your coat is beautiful! I love this look :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox


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