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04 September 2014

Introducing Otiumberg; part two

ODETTE NY bracelet, pendant, knuckle and arrow ring, ASTRID & MIYU stacking ring, all via Otiumberg (except earrings), SCHOTT NYC jacket, STYLESTALKER dress

Back again with my penultimate attempt to convince you that Otiumberg is the hottest thing since the Earth's core and that really, you shouldn't visit their website unless you have a good hour to troll all their products and then a full bank account to proceed to the inevitability of wanting everything. I've always been a big fan of slightly under the radar brands, but finding them can be a bit of a mean feat when you a) are pressed for time as every human is and b) are constantly bombarded with the affordable stuff from the likes of Topshop (which subsequently leaves you with green fingers for all of eternity). Maybe it's my inner indie-kid (jk) or the fact that I'm on the task to become the living version of my 'jewels' board on Pinterest, but the quirky brands Otiumberg plays host to are quickly becoming my new favorites. There is nothing sweeter than someone asking you where your bracelet is from and whipping out a trendy - oh don't you know? I'm just messing- don't say that, people will think you're a tool.


  1. I hate websites like that, where I add absolutely everything to my wish list and then buy half of it (and then have to live off rice for a month). #firstworldproblems

    Those rings though! Woah! In-love!

  2. Aha totally feel you with this blog post, I love that indie in the know feel you get wearing small time brands. And understated jewellery is my fav thing right now, just have a look at my latest blog posts :L


  3. Beautyful pics! ;) Love the jacket and acessories ;)

  4. details to kill for ! :)

  5. I love the bracelet

  6. I love your jewellery, you look gorgeous xo

  7. Really like the hoop earrings, where are they from?

  8. Love the photos and your review :)

    Bramble & Thorn

  9. gorgeous :)



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