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07 August 2014

Going back to my roots

RODEBJER dress, MONKI jacket (similar), ACNE trainers (similar), GIVENCHY bag (here), ASOS sunglasses (here), PANDORA bangle.

If you can give Scandinavian design credit for one thing, it would have to be for their complete abandonment of length-consciousness. Standing at a couple of the CPHFW shows yesterday really highlighted that for me- the mix of highs and lows where one might conventionally say it ought to be the other way around. The shin length culottes and long shirts- complete disregard for that whole idea that if one wears something baggy, another aspect of the outfit must be form fitting. The intention behind it all is never to impress, it seems like a much purer form of self-expression in the sense that there is no expectation. There is no performance behind the attendees- perhaps something the more commercial fashion weeks have begun to become subjected to.
I stayed true to my roots, wearing all my best Scandi items and wearing something I felt totally comfortable in; whether or not I looked like a blue and black teletubby was entirely irrelevant. Okay fine, that was totally the look I was going for. I promise I'll try and wear some colour next time...maybe.


  1. I may or may not have glossed over everything once my eyes fell upon the word "teletubby." Ah, those memories of weird chubby things dancing around on a television screen with that baby head sun thing. How did we never notice how bizarre that show was? But I digress.
    I've always been fascinated by the fact that Scandinavian design as a whole (fashion, architecture, etc.) seems so much more simplified than what Americans focus on in terms of design. There's so much more play with textures and lines as opposed to just piling elements upon elements. There's something really fascinating in that "less is more" type of aesthetic. I think you really hit it on the head in noting that there's something really pure about that form of self-expression that seems uncluttered and unfettered by expectations. You'd think it would be boring, yet there's charm to the simplicity and just something that makes it so attractive.

    P.S. I'm digging that new header. At least I think it's new? Whether or not it's new, it looks good and that's what's important!

  2. You look amazing, Love the long coat!

    Xx Nora /

  3. Your outfit is ace. Saw the Instagram snaps you took of the fashion shows and the designs were amazing. X

  4. I love how you tied your sneakers!

  5. I love how you've styled your outfit. Yes, Scandinavians have their amazing way of dressing their outfits up haha, I love the jacket especially.

    Alaina x

  6. You are so right! I've always been a strong admirer of Scandinavian design and style! Also love this look, perfect as always!

  7. Perfect outfit. All the pieces look great together.

    Oroma R.R.

  8. LOVE this outfit!! Everything about it is perfecct!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  9. This is so gorgeous!


  10. the trainers

  11. I absolutely love that length, totally beautiful xx

  12. Absolutely love this! Effortless as usual.

    Lindsey xx

  13. your trainers tied like that = *insert ok emoji here*


  14. In love with the Antigona!


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