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13 June 2014

Beach holiday packing tips

ANN SUMMERS bikini* // ASOS kimono (here), sunglasses (here), sandals and smock (here) // WAREHOUSE travel wallet // ZARA sandals (similar) // H&M anklet (similar)

Hey you!
The weather is heating up and that means two things
1) I have to learn how to interact with other humans and stop using exams as an excuse to hide (emailing teachers doesn't count)
2) I'm thinkin' about my summer holiday!

This year I'll be off to Danmark and the USA, as well as a week in Ibiza with my friends wich also means: responsibility, because I'll be traveling alone for the first time.

I lieu of that I thought I'd put together my five packing essentials for a beach holiday because sand is weird.

1) Beach-wear : I always bring at least three beach cover-up's on holiday, they tend to work nicely as relaxed beach-wear and some can even double as evening wear if you're not going anywhere too fancy- that, and they keep the sun off your shoulders. I'm diggin' this ASOS kimono because it's a nice change from your usual caftan. One of the most important things for me, is having a swimsuit that I feel comfortable in. Now if you've got junk in the trunk and a booty in the back, this can be a bit of a pain. I usually dread bikini shopping because I find that 99% of bikini's and swimsuits are all about pushing your chest out and that's not really what I'm aiming for. This Ann Summers one fits like a babe and pushes out in all the right places. It's good to take time to realise what bikini-shape or swimsuit you feel the best in since you're gonna be wearin' that baby a lot.

2) Books: I bring about 5 books with me on holiday, and usually get through them all. Sometimes I'll even have to download more on my ipad (electronic reading stuff is kewl, kindles included) so I always say make sure there is room in your carry-on and suitcase for decent reading material.

3) Beauty: So we all know I'm not a beauty genuis, I pretty much roll out of bed across my floor and over my make-up bag and hope for the best- that being said, I'm all about the moisturizer. As well as sun cream, being out in the sun & sand all day is pretty hectic for your skin. Make like Cleopatra and bathe yourself in milk (or just body lotion works too) when you get home, it also helps keep your tan and stop burn developing if you use cocoa butter body lotion. For areas that aren't burnt, I tend to carry my little pot of steam-cream with me everywhere because it smells like lavender and who doesn't want to smell like lavender?

4)  General clothing: I'll usually bring about two pairs of heels, a black pair and a wooden/ or white pair so I'm covered for all bases- that being said, sometimes I ditch the heels and I'm all about the metallic sandals. Same effect, less pain, and heck I'm on holiday. For daywear I think making sure you pack light fabrics is pretty essential, especially if you aren't used to the heat. For the first few days of any holiday I'm usually so heat-tired I sleep for hours and refuse to wear anything that touches my body that isn't swimwear because man, it just get's too hot. This ASOS smock is sheer and light, so it'll keep you nice and cool and could also double as a casual-evening dress. I find smocks give a lot of room for keeping cool/ hiding holiday food babies.

5) Travel: I usually go on holiday with family and I'm yet to be trusted to actually hold my own passport for longer than is necessary since, you know, you really don't want to lose that. In preparation for Ibiza I bought this Warehouse passport + ticket holder so when I get to every desk one must get to in an airport, I look mature and organized and don't lose things that I need to get on the plane. I usually use a large handbag and a smaller carry-on suitcase for my hand luggage, so being bright I can easily see this in the sea of books/tissues/earphones/tampons (those things just accumulate like mating flies in bags).

This was less a tip list and more just an insight into my thinking for beach packing, if you want to see more actual travel tips I posted on some here.
What do you always make sure you pack for beach holidays?


  1. Thank you!!


  2. I need sunscreen and a bathing suit and I'm pretty much set for vacation usually, but this time I'm going to NYC so now packing is a whole new game for me. I'll keep your picks in mind!

  3. cool stuff dear

  4. Good stuff, like your post. I usually bring with me the same things like you, may be skip the high heels or take only one pair - the more comfortable one :)
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  5. I love those white heels! I'm like you, I always bring a lot of books/entertainment especially on a long flight because I can't sleep on planes! ~ A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

  6. Wish you have a good holiday.

  7. You are one of the coolest bloggers I'm following, everything about you just screams 'effortlessly elegant', and I mean it very seriously.

  8. Love the high heels!!
    Enjoy the holidays!!:)


  9. enjoy your trip! My travel essentials are sunscreen and shades....and instant noodles. For some reason I always bring a journal to write in but that never works out Hahaha!

  10. good luck on exams!
    so jealous of your future holiday adventures

  11. good luck on your exams!!!
    have fun on your holidays (so jealous)!

  12. have the same heels from Zara! love them <3

  13. Love the sandals! xx

  14. The sandals and the tote are my favorites!

  15. Theses are all necessary for a beach holiday.


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