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11 April 2014

Festival shopping guide...

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So anyone who knows me knows I don't do festivals- the thought of mud and loud noises scares me. I know, I know- I'm a really really bad teenager and I might as well clock into a retirement home as soon as they'll let me. That being said, I still like the idea of being cool enough to like loud indie bands and not care if my chucks get a little muddy. So, living vicariously through outfit collaging- here's what I'd wear if I was at Coachella round about now.


  1. ooh dear, prints, prints and prints !!

  2. Beautiful stuff. I like. :)
    Happy weekend, Lali

  3. I literally want everything on this list.x

  4. that swimsuit is amazingggg love it X

  5. Aw, i love festivals so much, you should try just getting a day ticket to one, because then you don't have to stay in a muddy tent and feel unclean but still get to experience the music! And theres quite a few festivals that do quieter music as well!
    I always love your wish lists and outfit posts, you have a great sense of style.
    ellie x

  6. I love the jumpsuit!

  7. I love the idea of 'festival fashion' but realistically I just wear old things that I don't mind getting muddy when I go to stand in a field in the depths of Wales. The mud is atrocious. Cute picks though xx


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