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04 February 2014

I love you more than Kanye loves Kanye

Dress lent to me by Wish Want Wear, check them out for beautiful designer gowns to rent out dresses at brilliant prices. I can't fault their service!

When thinking about what to write for this post, I almost when down the I-hate-valentines-(partially because I'm perpetually single but also because it reminds me how late pancake day is this year)-so-I'm-going-to-ironically-wear-a-red-dress-and-make-the-pictures-black-and-white route (yes that whole hypen thing is genuinely how my brain functions, any harder and I'd be a two step away from an aneurysm) but the truth is, I don't hate Valentines day. My mum buys me chocolate; I get a card from my dog; my friends and I have a night in cooking, eating and having Ryan Gosling marathons. I literally cannot fault that. Valentines day is about everyone you love, and you know what they say; foods before dudes, fries before guys.
Moral of the story? Put on a fancy dress and do whatever the hell you love doing.



  1. Love this post Camilla ! Sadly I'm single too (awkward laugh). I think the same of Valentine's Day, it's definitely a celebration of love in every aspect ! This being said, I'm still taking the opportunity to stuff my face with some marble chocolate cake haha ! Have fun x

  2. Love the title, and chocolate can be better than sex.


  3. I love this post, could not agree more! happy valentines girl x

  4. I love this post, and could not agree more! happy valentines girl x

  5. girl you look stunning!!!

  6. you look gorgeous in that dress!


  7. I was really getting sick of people saying "oh how I hate valentines, so commercial!".
    Well, maybe it is but red-everything for new years eve is too so what is the problem? Everybody loves chocolate and if you have one more excuse to eat it just do and shut up.

  8. Haha! Food before dudes is my new motto. I can't see why everyone doesn't choose to spend Valentine's Day watching Ryan Gosling be the wonderful male specimen that he is to be honest.


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