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22 December 2013

Out of the ordinary

#teenvogue // URBAN OUTFITTERS smock (similar on sale), ZARA skort (similar), FOREVER 21 bag, RAYBAN clubmasters

Stumbling out of my room yesterday morning, admittedly still half asleep (jet lag is not my friend) wearing this outfit garnered a somewhat confused look from my mother, "That's very unlike you, where did you find that?" she asked, obviously alluding to both the level of color and pattern present on the above smock.

No, I thought. This isn't very like me at all.

This got me thinking though, what do we really gain from having a 'style'? One of the most frequent questions I get asked in interviews is 'How would you define your style?', 'Sum up your style in three words?' etc, etc. It's these questions I find the hardest to answer, how do you sum up your style? Surely how we dress is, in a sense, a physical manifestation of our personalities; it is the way we want to be perceived and how we express ourselves. In effect, you're being asked to sum up who you are in three words, and it's in these instances I find myself so stumped I often start creating words. Fashion seems to want to push us to define ourselves, label ourselves, but that is undeniably constricting. If I say that my style is simple, plain, modern, sleek; I make it hard to push beyond that, I force myself into a sartorial box and to an extent, perhaps, being in that box pushes me to follow through with a restrictive sense of expression that doesn't entirely convey the variety of my sartorial inclinations and my creative self. Based on that, maybe it is the description that comes before the reality, and I only find myself a minimalist after I've so frequently claimed to be one that it would be self-contradictory to wear color. To that effect, what does 'minimalist' or 'feminine' even mean, are those terms really any less vague? Not defining my style also allows me to combine items in an unexpected way, and it is in those unexpected combinations that the unconventionality of fashion's beauty often blossoms.
On the other hand, knowing the things we wear often is more economical. It prevents building a stock-pile of wasted clothing items that we feel an inevitable sense of guilt over never liking enough to actually wear. It allows us to build a wardrobe that is the perfect mix of ourselves, and the things we are likely to make use of. It is practical.

So, how would I define my style? I dress for the person I want to be today, and while usually that person likes monochrome, today it wanted to try out an unconventional Hawaiian shirt.


  1. You look amazing with this unconventional outfit!

  2. I'd love to see you wear different things, but your style is usually very London indeed, sleek and dark. I like it because I'm the same, but I also get the appeal of change.

    Joana x
    When You Dream Big

  3. Your shoes are amazing! xo

  4. Great look! :-)

    Those flowers on u are perfect!


    Piera Anastasia

  5. Great post! You are so true about 'style' . And also this hawaian thing looks good on you. Even it is not monochrome like normally!

  6. I totally agree, how can you ever really define what your style is? I think it changes depending on mood, location, people around you and what you've been influenced by lately. I think it's great to try out new looks and not feel trapped by a term of what style category you think you should fit in to, something I know I definitely get blind sighted by. B x

  7. The smock looks really nice on you! I don't think I'm a floral type of gal but I do own a couple of pieces with floral prints! You hair looks wonderful sososo soft xo

  8. amazing article! and i like your today style ♥!

    Dots & Laces

  9. Love the reflection of the palm trees in your sunglasses! I wrote a piece on personal style, and not sticking to one signature look too xx

  10. you are amazing in this !!!:)

  11. Your posts are always so insightful and inspiring! Wish I could articulate like you! Xx

  12. That smock is so pretty!!! Love it!! xoxo

  13. Whether it is like you or not, it definitely suits you well.
    Mortem Blonde

  14. So not like your usual looks but I love it, really looks cute! X

  15. Great look! You look so cute.
    And your jewelries are beautiful!

    Stop by:

  16. Amazing look

  17. Love!

    xo Jennifer


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