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17 November 2013

Winter wishing

KENZO jumper, TOPSHOP hat, bag and trousers, MARC BY MARC JACOBS wallet, ASOS earrings and notebook, ZADIG & VOLTAIRE watch, FRENDS headphones, OASIS coat, ALDO shoes (here)

So I think we can all agree the season is finally upon us where I am allowed to use my 'snow' puns (e.g. 'snow problem' or 'wow that's snow awkward') and it's ok to wake up and cry a little when it's still pitch black outside at 8AM. The combination of me being sick last week and it getting dark so early is what I'm going to blame not updating so regularly on, that combined with school work. University offers are slowly trickling in so as exciting as that is, it's also pretty nerve wracking to even begin contemplating where I'll be this time next year.
I've put together a season appropriate wishlist, things I'm loving and want to share that love so we might all one day hold hands and sing together (not literally, I can't sing...and don't like holding hands). I'm finally allowing people around me to discuss Christmas, even though Thanksgiving is still yet to come and pass. I figure mid-November is better than John Lewis selling Christmas cards back in September.
Look, I love Christmas too but y'all need to slow down. 

P.S Thank you to everyone who tuned in yesterday to BBC Radio 4 to hear me (very briefly) discuss whether children should be getting off the computer and engaging in more 'homely' things like cooking and gardening. I was obviously on the side of the former, and sitting live in the studio was an unforgettable (and a little terrifying) experience. I managed to crack a joke or two without hiccuping/coughing/sneezing too which was an absolute miracle considering I still have a cold.


  1. perfect wishlist!
    love your blog ♥

  2. The Asos earrings and Kenzo jumper are gorgeous! Great picks :)

  3. I think it's very obvious that it's your winter wishlist! :) It really goes with your style. I do really like that jumper. I've become obsessed with owning beautiful jumpers this year. I never really thought of them as being stylish till recently. Very late on that one.

  4. These items are pretty much perfect! I can already see you wandering around in this :)

  5. Loving the Kenzo jumper, I can almost feel how soft it is.


  6. Eek leopard slip ons..yes please!
    I really enjoyed listening to you on the radio yesterday! I actually missed it at the time because i tuned in half an hour late by accident but it was on the bbc website yay. "I am aware of soil" hahahaha:')

    -Kate xo

    bleached mort

  7. so...beanie - want, leo flats - want, coat - want, want, fur bag - WAAANT ... thank you for killing me:(:D

  8. Loving those leopard print van type trainers!

    Faye x

  9. I hope you feel better! I wonder if I can listen back on the BBC website?? Hot damn that coat doesn't look like Oasis, 'snow amazing!' x

  10. Gorgeous! Loving it all! Especially those shoes

    The Koalafornian x

  11. love all your selection, especially the shoes, we have so many bloggers in France who wear it, but I'm still loving this :)

  12. That Kenzo sweater is made to love

  13. hello coat, I want!

  14. I've asked for the topshop bag for Christmas, so hard to pick between the burgundy or black though!

  15. definitely want to get my hands on the fluffy bag!

  16. Love all the cozy knit pieces and selections dear, I need some good beanies and headwear for winter. Btw, I just posted my new outfit post featuring CÉLINE'S COLORBLOCK COAT (with a cute marble emoticon clutch) that I must say, is the first ever piece of clothing that garnered so much positive attention and compliments, it was the BEST investment in apparel I've probably ever made. See for yourself and comment if you love it, much I'm guessing... you will! #PROVOKING

    xx The Provoker

  17. What a lovely outfit :)!! You look great! And your phone case it's just too cute <3

    Kisses dear
    Adri, Joha & Nat

  18. What download do i need to download to hear you? I missed it :(

    love this list, I want the hat but it'll prob look like a tea cosy on me


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