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18 September 2013

Guess who's back?

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Contrary to popular belief, leopard is not the new black. Neither is oxblood, forest green and (it pains me to say this) pink is not the new black either. Black is the new black, and why, you ask? Because it’s an analytic statement, thus true by definition and so whatever your argument against this is, it’s wrong. LFW has passed and with it, black came back (though it never really leaves). For someone who has recently found herself trying on 40 different brightly colored pieces of Zara paraphernalia and leaving the store (having paid, of course) with the one black item, I am still on the fence about how much of a good thing black’s frequency at S/S shows is. Why? Because it’s so…well, so dark. I was hoping for a little more colour, vivacity so that when I try on Zara’s ‘interpretations’ the odds of me leaving with something that is an actual colour are increased, ideally exponentially.

Never mind that one might expect a little more from the S/S collections, one might expect some colour or maybe a sequin or two to celebrate the sun that we...never actually see in London, but do you see my point? The summer collections were quite fall, fashion is essentially embracing Global warming like it's nobody's business. The issue is not that there wasn’t a sufficient amount of whites and some floral and the odd nod to pastels which have come back (again), the issue was not even that black was so present, it was simply a surprise.

Though we all have to admit it's refreshing, Merly Streep pretty much nailed it in The Devil Wears Prada with this famous quote. Seeing pastels and  florals and happiness and joy emanating from summer collections is becoming a bit...expected? Often fashion tries to be groundbreaking in much more dramatic ways than merely turning seasonal stereotypes on their head, and I think the latter was more effective if not more elegant. Simone Rocha is a brilliant example, her two latest collections have been excellent (what can you expect? She is the brainchild of legend John Rocha, though she's brilliant in her own right and in a completely different manner). Her A/W winter collection was filled with pastels and baby pinks, lace and perspex soled shoes. It was light, refreshing and oddly nostalgic (though I hate to use such a cheesy term). Her S/S collection was darker from everything to the black solid structured pieces to the maroon and burgundy eye make-up. She could have switched the aesthetics around and no one would have been surprised, but she chose to go a little against the grain and remind us that you can wear white after labor day and you can wear pink even if it isn't Wednesday. In essence, she subtly said you can dress how ever you damn well please.

Besides, I think we can all agree that making black look inviting in 30 degree heat is a lot harder than the alternative.

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  1. love your posts !! clever, useful, do make sense :)

  2. Totally agree with you! Amazing post I loved to read. x

    Caitlin | Perks Of Style

  3. See, I'm totally opposite of most of the fashion world, I'm pretty sure I only own like four pieces of black clothing and three of them are t-shirts. I love color. But I totally see how black will always be black and anyone trying to pretend otherwise is a bit confused.


  4. I love everything you write. I definitely agree with you.
    Bian, Mortem Blonde

  5. Chic collection, very good review too and yes to dressing however I please! <3 Since it's going to be Paris Fashion Week soon, I did a post of some snap I took with at last PFW including me and Bill Cunningham, Fei Fei Sun, Anna Dello Russo, etc... Check me out and my journeys to this year's Paris Fashion Week! <3

    xx The Provoker

  6. you have a lovely blog <3 amazing pohotos!!
    kisses ♥

  7. really beautiful!


  8. Black will always be black, thus THE color. No color can change it.


  9. I love your choice of words. Like a more seriously pensive take on Carrie from Sex in the City only, sucking out an eloquent perspective on fashion as opposed to life situations. Does that make sense? Point is, nice post.


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