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29 September 2013

Céline the unexpected

Céline RTW S/S'14 // ph.

I usually see Celine as my old trusty french friend; reliable, interesting and a little bit quirky. This season though, I was surprised.
Why was I surprised? I mean, Celine was the brand that brought back the Birkinstock and you can't deny that's impressive. It's the equivalent of making bird watching chic. Despite this, when I first saw this I didn't believe it was Celine. Kenzo? Maybe. Comme Des Garcons? It's plausible. Celine? Wut.
But, I liked it. Obviously we've established me and orthopedic sandals aren't a match and those seem to be back in action again, but sometimes the unexpected is appreciated. Had Celine continued with their usual clean cut, sharp aesthetic they would have received a round of applause and commendation by every sane girl, boy, dog and cat in the industry. They would have sold millions of *insert remixed basic here* and no one would raise an eyebrow. Perhaps Ms. Philo realised that this season, and decided to risk it. The abstract classic shapes and, ahem, comfortable shoes remained the same. The surprise came in the form of abstract prints, bright color mixes, 3d embellishments. The almost tribal necklaces and colors combined with sleek silhouettes was just about the most aesthetically pleasing juxtaposition I've seen this season. It was effortlessly new, wearable and intriguing. Phoebe Philo has certainly pushed the boundaries of her own aesthetic this season, and the outward creativity and freedom within the collection was liberating. It felt like Picasso and Africa personified, with that expected touch of Paris.
Overall this collection has left me excited for two things; next summer and the next Celine show.


  1. Really amazing outfits! We love celine

  2. Celine is definitely da bomb. But I agree WTF?! Still a favourite of mine this PFW!

    The Koalafornian x

  3. I love the way you write!
    Sometimes I don't even look at your pictures I just read, lol

  4. Interesting proposals

  5. well ... here it is ... i saw this collection yesterday and have to say i love all celine collections, everytime. Its full of minimalist cut, colour, full of feminine touch but not this time. I am sad about saying this but i dont like this collection at all :( i even prefer the fur 'birkies' more ! :D

  6. I was pleasently surprised. I love the print. It makes for a nice change to their usual monochrom-y things

  7. You put the words on it.


  8. These outfits look amazing.


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