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21 May 2013

How to travel reasonably effectively

ZARA bag, TOPSHOP socks and jumper and purses, ASOS watch, SPITFIRE sunglasses

If you find yourself on this here internet space often, you may have noticed I tend to escape England with my family every chance we get (roughly every 6 weeks during the school holidays, I have a very wanderlust set of parents). Thus, it may surprise you to know I have an awful fear of flying. If I'm ever to give you one solid piece of advice, it's that you should not fly anywhere with me. I will invade your personal space, silently cry and try to hold your hand all while shaking so hard you won't be able to sleep. I warned you. Luckily I've developed some coping mechanisms and I'm slowly getting better at it, but it still isn't pretty.
Regardless of that, I still end up on a plane every 6 weeks or so (traveling is worth the 9 hours of terror) and it's usually a long haul flight. So, I'm about to impart my traveling knowledge onto you, the kinda stuff you can't learn on Google (unless you search for traveling tips).

What to pack in your handbag:
The collage above is the kind of stuff I always like to have on hand.
1) Things like water, chapstick and hand/face cream so that you don't enter the plane looking like the goddess of life and leave it looking like a raisin. Hydration people, hydration. Also a bright little pouch to keep all of this in that you can find easily in your bag, but keep the liquids under 100ml, they take that stuff seriously at airport control.
2) Socks and a comfortable cardigan. I always find myself amazed at how fast planes run out of blankets to hand out, they're pumping the air con at full blast, it's going to get cold. Unless you want to start losing feeling in your limbs, bring some decent knitwear.
3) A book. Half the times I've flown there has been something wrong with the in flight entertainment (or most airlines just lack a personal movie screen and you have to stare over some giants head to watch a movie you didn't even chose). Bringing a book (or an ipad loaded with books, magazines and films) will save you from 9 hours of staring at the seat in front of you. Nat Fun.
4) A purse with multiple compartments; one for your homeland money and one for the foreign currency.
5) Sunglasses are great to have on hand, I would always pop your Miu Miu's or Prada's in your bag so they can't get stolen out of your luggage (in fact, I'd keep all valuables in your hand luggage just in case someone cheeky checks your suitcases before they load them up into the baggage pit)
6) A compact mirror just in case that toddler next to you thinks it would be hilarious to draw on your face (it's happened to me, don't put anything past toddlers)
7) A watch just in case something happens to your phone and you can't tell the time and thus end up missing flights or check-in times.
8) A travel wallet to keep all your papers in (boarding passes, passports, rental car details, hotel details...EVERYTHING)
9) A pen and notepad to doodle in or play games in or to write in or whatever, the pen will also come in handy when you need to fill in any customs forms that you will inevitably get.
10) A big enough bag to fit all the above in. (I actually have the Zara one in the collage above and it's pretty nifty).

In your carry-on suitcase:
So the above is what I'd pop in your handbag, but you're also allowed a carry on suitcase so here's what I usually pop into my overhead luggage:
1) A change of clothes, especially if I'm going somewhere super hot/cold where I'll need to remove or add layers drastically.
2) Laptops and all other valuables so I always have them on hand.
3) Spare shoes and an extra outfit, just incase my big suitcase gets lost/delayed arriving to my destination.
4) A bikini if I'm going somewhere warm.
I also usually add heavy books like textbooks or large A4 notepads as they're heavier and you're less likely to get your overhead suitcase weighed than your large suitcase.

Large suitcase:
This is the trickiest. I usually go away for anywhere from 1-3 weeks, sometimes even 4 (and sometimes even 6 when I go to Denmark for the summer). I don't have any definite tips other than to be prepared for all situations (I tend to bring 2 bikinis, 3 nice 'fancy' dresses, at least 1 pair of heels and then a bunch more casual clothes, some of which can be dressed up in emergencies. I also bring a pair of trainers/sneakers and running clothes just in case I feel motivated.)
Since you're on holiday, it's a great time to bring some novels you've been meaning to read, so I always bring 3 books. I also always pack my make-up bag in my large suitcase, except for essentials like mascara which I apply when I leave for the airport and just before I get off the plane to look mildly refreshed.
The key with this is to be ready for any situation, and pack garments that you can wear different ways so that you're not packing 24 dresses for a 24 day holiday, but instead versatile pieces that will lighten your load (and allow for some cheeky shopping).
I also always start making a list a week and a half before I leave so that I can add to it as things come to mind leading up to the holiday. I tend to start packing about 4 days before we leave so that it's well planned and not last minute.

1) I apply light makeup (mascara, concealer if required) and moisteriser before I leave for the airport and when I arrive at the destination. Don't cake your face in foundation because it's bad for your skin and will dry you straight out.
2) Get up and walk around every hour, even if it's just going to the toilet, this will stop cramps and successfully irritate everyone in your row of seats.
3) I personally would buy food before you get on the plane, or eat at a restaurant because then you can sleep/watch films without being harrasled by what will inevitably be the worst meal of your life (unless, like me, you're still registered as a child and you just get Ribena and chocolate)
4)This is more geared to those who get anxious flying, but I seriously advise taking Kalmz or some kind of anxiety pill. It sounds like it wouldn't help, but it really does. When I don't take mine, I'm a mess on the floor, when I do, I'm only a mess in my seat. I personally also like to buy chocolate or whatever your favorite snack is, as I associate that with movie nights at home so it calms me down. Just remember if you're freaking out, that there are about 500,000 other in the air at the same time as you. I also always keep an eye on the air hostesses, if they're calm, it's probably OK or they're just ridiculously good actors (which they probably aren't because nobody's that good).
5) Bring a hairbrush, but wait until you're off the plane to brush it or you'll get static hair like you don't even know.
6) It terms of what to wear traveling, I usually wear a smock (no change there) or some jeans and a plain boyfriend tee. It's hard to give advice on this, but just wear what you feel comfortable in. I personally wear cotton tights if I'm wearing a dress as they're cosy and less itchy when your skin gets dry. I always travel in converse if I'm going somewhere warm, or boots if I'm going somewhere cold. Dresses are handy to wear as you can just whip off your tights and jumper, and then you're ready for hot weather, same with skirts.

So, these are just my tips. Most of them are pretty standard, but if you're rushing about last minute then you tend to forget the simple things (I once forgot my toothbrush and PJ's... OK it's happened more than once). Other than that, I hope you all have an amazing holiday if you're going on one soon and as long as you remember to bring yourself, you're bound to have a good time and make some amazing babies memories. I've made a little scrolly list at the bottom of some of my holiday essentials!

I'll be back to regular outfit posting this week since I only have one exam left!
Don't ask me how the last few exams went, you don't want to know.
However you might want to know that I'm now on Stylight, so you can check that out if you wanna, it's kinda addictive.


  1. You are so organized!

    xo Jennifer

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! I'm finally going away this summer (not to Nevis sadly *le cries*) with some friends and I am an AWFUL traveller so this helps so much! Quick question, do you have the link for the 'bloggers I've met and liked' notebook? Good luck with your exams!

    An Accidental Discovery

    1. here ya go!

      glad to help! :)

  3. This is great advice I'll be travelling next week, reminded me that I have to buy some anti-motion sickness pills for the plane haha

  4. I have a few vacations coming up and packing is always the worst! great tips and tricks!


  5. This was a great post and will definitely come in handy! I'm going to Cancun in two weeks, so I'll definitely be remembering some of these tips :)

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  9. This is a nice arrange and really effective when preparing to travel. The makeup ideas are brilliant.

  10. This is so helpful!! Jetting off to North America for 5 weeks so I'll keep this post in mind!

    HannahMay xx

  11. Brilliant tips! I hope the flight goes well and that it isn't necessary to cry in a corner haha. Good luck and have fun :)

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    Carly's Closet

  16. Great post and some great tips. I like you am pretty organised when it comes to travelling but I always love to read other peeps tips :) Katie B @ Minerva Collection – UK Handbags & Jewellery

  17. Thank you for the the tips. I'll be traveling both Belgium and France next week, instead of the plane by train though. :) xx

  18. I seriously feel lost if I leave home without my Chapstick, and of course my sunnies! Love this roundup - it will totally come in handy for my upcoming overnight trip! :)

    sorelle in style

  19. Those of us anxious about flying, drink half a bottle of Pinot and saves the other half for in flight. LOL ! Ok not the best advice but you get my drift ;)

  20. This is a great post! Love the advices, pretty useful! I love traveling though I don't do it really often! Anyway, I found this really helpful! Thanks (:

    Live. Laugh. Love & Make Up

  21. Wauw you have a new fan! ME! I really really like youre blog! youre writing is very enjoying haha :)
    And thanks for the tips, I've never been on a plane before because I'm really scared to fly!


  22. amazing post!just what i needed as i'm soon off for some days!very good and structured written post,i always enjoy to read your posts :)

  23. amazing post!just what i needed as i'm soon off for some days!very good and structured written post,i always enjoy to read your posts :)

  24. I love reading these posts on what to pack for travelling. I also travel quite often but it's nice to see other people's tips and tricks :) I'm actually moving from England back home to Canada next week so this post was perfect timing for me. Thank you! xx

  25. So useful even a year later after you posted this, thank you!

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