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19 March 2013

Go home fashion, you're drunk

ph/ Jak & Jil

What is beauty?
A question I've found myself contemplating lately as fashion continues to push the boundaries of what we find attractive more and more. This is the new nature of fashion: how massive can we make our mittens (ahem, Mr Wang, ahem indeed) and how distorted can we make the everyday before it becomes excessive? In the new age of modern minimalism, this twisting of the expected is a startling direction for fashion to be flocking towards.

Perhaps that is the purpose; to divert the expected into the unexpected. While at first the occasional, and arguably unaesthetic, indulgences of fashion seem to shock and confuse, we find ourselves drawn to them. Moth to a flame, child to candy, Rebel Wilson to being the best damn person in existence today. This oddness and tenancy towards to obscure is what draws me to the art of clothing, it's ability to shock, awe and sometimes draw a tear. By sticking to conventions, would these emotions be possible? Aesthetic plays a huge part in how we perceive fashion, and it seems our ideals of beauty are shifting. The emergence of blogs and the celebration of personal style in such mass media also contributes, in many ways these broken boundaries of the socially acceptable, aesthetic wise, celebrate the individuality of fashion. While the obscurity of fashion may not be your thing per se, is it not leading a greater diverisity of trends that allows us to truly define our personal style? I don't personally like the above trainers, but I like how they've been styled (from the ankles down, anyway) and I appreciate that person's taste; would I be able to do that if conventionally unattractive and unexpected items didn't exist?

Or, maybe, we are label-blinded. I won't elaborate on this too much as I like to think that the distortion of the expected is a manifestation of unicorns and our own will to alter conventions, but I'll leave you with this:
Would I prefer an obscure top if it was H&M or Balenciaga?
Think about it.


  1. This is so timely. I don't like trainers as "Style" Trainers are comfy for sure, they're handy as hell when running away from zombies, but they're not "fashionable" - and who am I to say? I'm not a fashion designer or magazine editor, but I do have a brain and the ability to choose whether to blindly follow a trend or not. I blame Nicola Formichetti, Lady Gaga and Bryan Boy for the new level of ridiculous that the fashion industry has embraced - it's not necessarily a bad thing, but I'm not rushing out to buy giant mittens - whether they be $5 (H&M) or $500 (A. Wang) or $5,000 (Balenciaga)
    Thanks for this thought provoking post, blogs don't all have to be about OOTD's and Instagram recaps.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  2. Dunno if you're into the whole male fashion thing, but as u might be aware, this area of fashion has branched into what some might say "more feminine" with males now wearing givenchy t shirts down to their knees with tights etc. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with this but I know the opinion towards this is strongly segregated. if you get what im talking about, Do you have an opinion on the direction male fashion is heading towards?

    1. I think the mix of gender and fashion is really interesting. There seems to be a double standard that when women dress masculine, they're asserting their independence and power, but when men dress even remotely feminine they are stripped of their masculinity. If we want to accept androgynous as a trend, it has to work both ways.

  3. I have been asking myself these same questions for the past month! I love these types of posts, keep them up! You sure are talented :) have a wonderful rest of your week.


  4. mmm i like trainers a lot :) perfect trend for me :)

  5. I noticed you write more and more on your blog, and that's very nice. But this text, THIS text is why you should keep on with the writing. It's bright and lucid, and that gives a whole new different light to your blog, i hope i'm not the only one loving it. So, please, please, please keep on with the writing. I also really like the one you wrote about the celine inspired zara clothes, you have a lot of humor and that makes it so refreshing.


    (by the way, i hope my english is clear enough because i feel like i'm inventing my own language most of the time)

    1. I'm so glad you're enjoying the posts Mayanne, it is nice to step away from outfits and look at fashion as a whole sometimes! Hope you keep reading them, and your english was just perfect ahah :) x

  6. Hi :) I just think some of the street style is pushing to much the limits... It's going from the different and personal style to absurd and ridiculous in some cases xD
    it's my opinion.

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  8. awesome!


  9. omg back to blogging and you write this fabulous post. i think we are definitely label-blinded, but every day style is getting more and more elaborate, and i dunno. OMG I DON'T KNOW what i was about to say. but anyway, i enjoyed this gurrrrrl, missed ya posts


  10. SHE'S BACK, missed ya posts too

  11. This is a really great post Camilla! So many points to think about. I think that so much of "couture" is so manipulated and exaggerated because its fine art first and fashion second-take a look at the art world of today and you'll see the same idea. Artists feel as if everything has been done already, and in the quest to make themselves well known, have resorted into going "bigger, bolder, better." And while it sometimes seems 'unwearable', I think that it brings a challenge to consumer, which makes fashion an art form! On a side note, I think it would be really interesting if Balenciaga sent models down their runway wearing H & M clothing without telling anyone......

    I'd love to see more posts like this, blogging should make you think!

    a thousand million words


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