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21 February 2013

Country clubber

#teenvogue // HM jacket and sandals, ASOS skirt and sunglasses, F21 top.

So, I'm 16 (going on 5 months, close enough) and I'm in a mood for fresh starts.
I cleaned out my wardrobe, binned last years school work, repainted my bed, recycled my parents and am now living with Angeline Jolie (she has so many kids she's yet to notice) so what's left?
This little space here, that's what.
For the last 3 and a bit years I've shared outfits with you regularly, I won't encourage you to look too far back into the archives because I dressed like a tween and spelled like one too, but I had somewhat of an epiphany the other day. Blogging is moving forward, but has Into The Fold?
It's time to step it up, I have a voice, and only recently has it started to be prevalent here on this blog. So what does this all mean? For you? For me? For my new adoptive mother Angelina? Well, for starters I'm going to start posting more things that count. I've already begun, you may have noticed some slightly out of the ordinary posts lately, and your response has been so positive that it's only encouraged this change more. Expect more in depth, somewhat less narcissistic (more on that word in an upcoming post) articles here mixed in with the usual 'I wore all Zara today because it was a shop created by Zeus himself' outfit photos.
I'll be finding the balance and re-tweaking some things in the next few weeks, bear with me and I hope you'll enjoy what this blog is going to become.
On a side note, the fact I'm not wearing any Zara is impressive, let's all give Camilla the smallest of applauses.
If you read the entirety of that post, you get 10 Kilos of glory. Don't spend it all at once.



  1. looking forward to seeing/reading the changes you make, and love your forever 21 tee :) ox

    1. This is definitely my favorite outfits of yours!


  2. What gorgeous photos and outfit Camilla! Hope you are having a wonderful time in Morocco.

  3. I love your posts, the way you write is great!!

  4. I just turned 17 and I also all about fresh starts, maybe is the age? maybe is the fear of the unknown(well at least in my case), and I need to say that I really ENJOY your blog xx
    And where I receive the 10 kilos? haha jk !

  5. Loving every piece! Killer jacket.

  6. I'm completely in love with this outfit, especially that jacket - those sheer sleeves - so wonderful. Also, I really love the way you write so I'm sure the coming posts will be really great. x

  7. Cute skirt!

  8. amazing outfit - you look so good!

  9. I fall in love always for the simplicity in your style dear..
    and it is somuch amazing, like this white skirt and the metalic sandals:)


  10. I'm looking forward to the changes! I really enjoyed your posts exploring minimalism and feminism/fashion/gender identity. You're a really good writer.

    On another note, I love your skirt.


  11. breathtaking pictures, so cool!
    Your jacket is awesome :)

  12. this skirt is simply perfect!!!
    have a great day and kisses

  13. you're amazing babyyy

    NEW OUTFIT: stripes

  14. Lovely outfit (I want those sandals!) and great writing!
    I can't wait to see what you've got coming up,

    Rosie x

  15. I love your style darling!

  16. These photos are beautiful and I love the sporty tones of this outfit and those metallic sandals are stunning. Amazing look dear :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  17. 10 kilos of glory for me.
    You look great. Love the black/navy & white on you

  18. I love those sandals, I'm looking for a great pair for the up and coming summer yay! I'm also look forward very much to what this blog is going to become! xxx

  19. thanks for the 10 kilos of glory, camilla. so, first of all, that look is so cool, the shapes and materials work so well together and i like the fact, that there's going to be a kind of change with posts. i really enioy reading your texts and the way you write is often just hilarious, keep it up!

  20. these photos are gorgeous as is your outfit! obsessed with the whole vibe!

    Lady à la Mode

  21. absolutely love that skirt!

    Heartbeats from //VIENNA WEDEKIND//

  22. So happy about it, I can't wait to see the new post's! I'm sure we all gonna love them!!!
    I love the outfit, as always.
    10 kilos of glory for me :)


  23. You look so lovely Camilla! :) I'm looking forward to seeing and reading the changes! :) x Laura

  24. I don't blame you for wearing mostly Zara. They have everything I need in there ;) So jealous you were in Morocco enjoying the awesome weather !


  25. You are gorgeous with this tan (you're gorgeous anyway !) I really really like your shoes ... ! I hope you enjoyed your trip xx

  26. love the whole outfit..the skirt is amazing :)

  27. Love the skirt - I have bought the same one, but yellow. Will post photo on my blog soon.

  28. Dang, this looks expensive.

    This looks really really expensive. Where did you learn to so fantastically emulate high-price apparel?

    Good lord. This skirt is absolutely mind-blowingly elegant. It's that perfect mix of classic and contemporary, the midline slit and stark white are worth of more than one scroll-up (the phenomenon in which I try to type a comment but wind up scrolling back through 33 comments to reassess your ensemble)

    Such an interesting contrast with the sporty tee and the chrome sandals. Love that.

    You're brilliant, as usual.


  29. i love your tee and jacket!

  30. Too late! I've already clicked through your archives, all the way to the start!! I am in LOVE with your jacket xx

  31. Incredible blog, honestly. You have such a good journalistic tone! Following!x


  32. What an amazing post! Love!
    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!


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