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29 December 2012

Reflecting on 2012

All Zara, except the iPad...but if Zara made an iPad, I'd probably own that too.

In case you couldn't tell from my pensive expressions in the above photos, I've been reflecting on the last year quite a bit lately. Sure, it's still 2012, but what is this week between Christmas and New Year? Who invented it? What's the point of it?
Other than boxing day sales, I feel this time is here to reflect on how drunk we got on Christmas and how badly we embarrassed ourselves the last year.
It was a good one wasn't it? We had the Kardashian and the Kanye (modern day beauty and the beast, who the beast is you can decide), 2 Broke Girls with my future non-lesbian wife Kat Dennings and I learnt some cool stuff, met some cooler people and went to not cool countries like Thailand (not cool because it's hot..geddit, geddit?). It's understandable that we'd want to conclude a year with some sort of...well, conclusion. Since New Years resolutions are only in place to entertain others when you quit your gym membership 2 weeks into January, let's not do those.
I've never set myself a New Years resolution, on account of the fact I've always felt it's better to set daily goals or life long goals, not these awkward year long ones that never really feel permanent. On a daily basis I aim to work and not get stressed, on a life long scale I have a career dream that I want to fulfill.  So on New years eve, when you're thinking which gym you're going to sign up to, or which of your favorite foods you'll give up- don't set yourself up for failure. If you don't like going to the gym, find a sport you can fall in love with and stick with for life. Why should you give up chocolate? Everything in moderation, adopt a new lifestyle, don't just limit yourself.
Now, in the words of Jay Sean, go and party like it's 2012... because soon it will be 2013.

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  1. It's so beautiful there!
    I love your outfit :)

    Happy Newyear!

  2. This is such a great post, and you look gorgeous! 2012 has been a pretty good year :) xo

  3. Wherever you are, it looks amazing! I definitely agree about setting long term goals, rather than year-ly ones!

    I just wrote a post about my 'new years resolutions' aka life motto's -

    I loved this post, like always!

  4. I love this post muchos! You look wonderful in the pictures.

    I think you should do like me and throughout 2013 starting on the 1st of January, get a jar and fill it with things you've accomplished then by the end of the year, you open it and feel really good about yourself!
    I've never tried this yet, but apparently it makes you feel like a boss!

    I'm totally gonna try.

    Eva xoxo

  5. Very nice photos! My aim for 2013 is not to get stressed over situations that are out of my control.

  6. you look gorgeous and i totally like your reflection of 2012! so good :D ♥

  7. Oh 2012, where are you going?
    It seems like this year has just begun and already it's coming to an end.
    Tell me I'm not the only one who feels like time has flown by? As cliche as that may sound of course!

    Looking good Camilla! You're definitely rocking those Zara pieces. Is that an iPad I spot with you though? I wonder which Zara I can get that in! Heehee :)
    Like you've already said, this little transition time is a good moment to pause and reflect on this past year while also looking forward to the upcoming one. New Year's resolutions never seem to stick for me. Maybe it's time to pull a Camilla and set daily goals and life-long goals? Well first on both of those lists is definitely to stop stressing and just get work done! After that though, it seems like I'll be going to same route as you: find an awesome career that I'll love!
    So without further ado (and without further incessant rambling), let's end 2012 with a bang!

    Hope your Christmas-New Years transition is going well Camilla!
    Wishing you the best as I'm headed to party like it's 2012 :D


  8. waw! That's a beautiful place!

  9. You look beautiful very fresh! and yes it was a good year with 2 broke girls

  10. It's always great to reflect at the end of the year! Where is this location you are in right now? It's gorgeous, and of course loving the mixed print!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  11. you're so wise! no seriously and I love your blog x

  12. Great post and cute look! X


  13. one of the best post ive ever seen
    you'r uniqyue


  14. youre absolutely right camilla. hope youll have a great time in the carribean and all the best for the following years. i agree, i prefer lifelong goals too and that you have to change your lifestyle instead of setting limits. ps: omg i LOVE 2 broke girls seriously its suchhhh a good series aaah and pps: i really like your pants, the print is really cute :-)

  15. Ahhh Great post! I think it's so true that New Years resolutions should be something more permenant. I'm looking forward to making better choices in 2013 and making lifestyle changes instead of meaningless resolutions.

  16. I love Kat Dennings and I love your trousers x

  17. I love what you're wearing and love the setting. looks so calm and pure xxx


  18. love the photos.. you look so relaxed!

    come enter my giveaway for a must have winter item!!


  19. I love your top - beautiful! Over the past few months I've made a few permanent changes in my life and I'm looking forward to carrying them into 2013. Hope you have a swell New Year!


  20. where in the caribe are you?

  21. such a paradise you spend your time at!


  22. Great pictures

    happy new year

    xx Mounia

  23. great pants and love the print combo


  24. Amazing outfit also could be an ad for the ipad haha!

    HannahMay xo

  25. obsessed obsessed obsessed obsessed with this look!! I would wear it in a hear beat! I love effortless looks with edge.


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