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01 July 2012

Face it

I've never really been a make-up person, I only buy makeup in the airport because I want to spend as little money on it as possible (all the more moneyz to buy shoes with!) . What you see above is the complete extent of what I may or may not wear on a daily basis, I've given up on foundation (I really only use it under my eyes and maybe on my nose/chin) and I only wear the Blush and Bobbi Brown eyeshadow when I go out. 
Anyway, I'll blab a little bit about why I use each product:

MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash - The best mascara I've come across, it's completely jet black and as long as you keep your face completely dry at all times (no baby tears ladies, hold it inside) it doesn't run. Now I say this is the best mascara I've come across, but it's the 2nd mascara I've ever used and the first one came free in a teenzine. But it works for my peepers.

MAC Blush baby blusher - This is actually the only blush I can use, it blends perfectly and isn't too bright- I get pink from just moving so I really don't need that much blush at all. This is perhaps the best blusher in the world. I don't use any of that glitter 12 year old edward cullen sparkly stuff because I don't want to reflect the sun.

Bodyshop Fraises parfum - Literally smells like strawberries, no joke people. I don't like strong smells, so this one is nice and subtle but always makes people ask who's been eating sweets...which I usually have been anyway.

Maybelline dream matte mousse - I really dislike liquid foundation because they're so heavy, and they just give you bad skin. I use this one under my eyes, on my nose and on my chin- key areas so that any slight blemish is covered but your poor face isn't suffocated in a delightful shade of orange.

Ms Makeup eyelash curlers - I really haven't tried any others, but these are pretty. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging...and you know, they work.

Bobbi Brown cream eyeshadow in Sand - Utter perfection. Simple, subtle and long lasting. I only wear this when I go out for dinner etc, but it really does add that little touch. If I wear any form of dark/colored eyeshadow I really just look tacky (takes a real woman to admit that) so I steer well clear of them.

Porefessional by Benefit - Got it free in Glamour, worth every penny. No but seriously, this stuff does exactly what it says on the tin.

So there you go, please rest assured that I have no idea what I'm talking about.
If you want to look like me, either buy glasses so you realise your mistake, or buy these products so we can be twinz.

Happy Sunday, I'm off to an exciting event!

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  1. So this is your make up stuff ! Gorgeous. You always look incredible ! Kiss x

  2. I love reviews like this, where its just plain and simple whether you like it or not! Great post x

  3. Love your honesty! I'm the same, I own make up but tend to leave the stuff where it is because I never have much luck (oompa loompa, panda eyes...). The perfume sounds yummy :-) xxx

  4. i got the porefessional in glamour too and it works a treat!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  5. More money for shoes indeed.

  6. When a video please ? I'd really like to hear your voice and see you in !

    Un petit coucou de Paris !

  7. These PRODUCTS are to die for !! We love them !
    come and check our blog, leave your impressions, and follow us if you want, we will follow you back ;)

    Afaf & Marwa

  8. love!

  9. Great post, I love dream matte mousse, it's the best haha xx

  10. I love Body Shop perfume oil. Great value for your $$. xA

  11. I NEED the porefessional, on my shopping list! xxx

  12. Love the post, you're very creative!
    Visit my blog :)

  13. I never thought about buying it at the airport...hmm.....


  14. so many great products! the POREfessional really is magic! i think it's so cool that magazines send free samples! wish we did that in America

  15. i am tinking of getting the porefessionel as well. :) love from germany! love your blog so much!


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