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30 December 2011

A New Year

I don't see the point in New years resolutions, because the odds are you'll get so utterly plastered you won't even remember swearing never to drink again. So this year I decided to make some
ones that I think are slightly more achievable than not eating chocolate...
  • befriending a whale
  • visiting the moon
  • buying more shoes
  • eating more chocolate
  • taking more pictures of food
  • eating the food I take pictures of
  • not eating the pictures, obviously
  • getting the Nikon D7000 (ok I'll shut up about that now)
  • not shutting up about the D7000 until I own it (I lied above, i'm sorry)
  • (putting more things in brackets)
So there you have it, I think 2012 will be a successful year (based on the obvious fact I just used brackets, I'm eating chocolate, I'm an astronaut and I speak whale).
But oh 2011, you will be missed. I'm sorry I couldn't come up with a better, more witty title for your last post on this here internet space. Sure, I live my evenings like every day will be a new year, but tonight- we party with swag that even your grandma can't beat.
Well my grandma can, obviously, because she's related to me, duhz.
And look, 2012 will be so good it already has a movie named after it- okay yes, it's about the predicted apocalypse, but please- stop being so negative! It's NYE, the big new years- have you got your sequins on? Good. Are you wearing a Santa hat? Yes? Take it off- Christmas is over buddy.
But most importantly, without you guys I would literally have been talking to myself for the past two and a half years, and that would have been awkward. So thank you.
Now, 2012, let's see what you've got. (preferably not an apocalypse).


  1. love all the outfits :) happy new year!

  2. Happy New Year, Camilla!

  3. Bellissime foto!

    Buon Anno.

  4. all really amazing outfits and you have a wonderful blog! we wish you a happy new year and a fabulous 2012!


  5. Best wishes girl! I really love your style. Keep it up!

  6. happy new year excellent blog keep walking!

  7. great blog
    great girl
    hope you life will shine next year

  8. I relay love the shoes for september where are they from?

  9. Such an amusing post. Have a great night, put that swag to the test.

  10. Thanks for your comment :) I loved the new years resolutions, so funny ahah! Happy new year! x

  11. My best wishes for you in this new year.
    Great blog.

  12. Your sarcasm and sense of humour are unique on the blogosphere girl !
    Enjoy your night, I hope you'll have a wonderful year and life too ! Hahaa

    Best wishes from France,

  13. OMG lave your post, I love all those look particularly the january, february, march and april one.
    happy new year :)

  14. happy new year! great blog and some cool resolutions too.
    follow me at

  15. LOVE IT.


  16. These resolutions are too cute! ^_^ I'm guilty of making a list but then I forget all about them, hehe! Hope you get your Nikon camera soon! =)


  17. Love this post, it is so honest. I wish the new year brings you everything your heart desires -)

  18. Happy New Year dear...hope all of your wish in this year become true ;)
    LOVE, saphira

  19. happy new year girl!!

  20. Amazing all over the year:)

  21. looks like a good year, hope the next is just as great. i agree about resolutions though!

  22. gorgeous pics, your photos are great quality! Happy 2012:)

  23. Great post. love the outfits

    x Hayar & Mounia
    Twitter: @Mouniaaa20

  24. A great year for you!!!
    Kisses from Brazil.
    Cléo de Lucca

  25. Keep on blogging Camilla, I always love reading your funny posts :) And your shoe collection seems to be forever growing! Looking forward to seeing the photo's from the long awaited Nikon D7000 haha!

    Shope X

  26. Hi! Would you like to sell me one of ur dresses?
    i wish i would buy it, but it's out of stock now :((((

  27. Love this recap of photos. Just stumbled upon your blog so it's a great way to see how your style has evolved. You have a great sense of fashion and are super lovely :)

  28. You are beautiful and I love your clothes <3 my blog with DIY

  29. Your resolutions sound incredible! Mine go something like;
    -eat less
    -eat some more to make up for eating less
    -stop complaining about facebook on facebook (you will get abused)
    -only buy clothing that costs under 2p
    -do not smash iPhone
    -and play rugby without sustaining injuries...well try at least.

    I love reading your blog, you get up to some interesting things! I was also reading on your twitter that you are booking a summer course at Central St. Martins (hope that was you...!), anyway, I'm so looking forward to your posts on that and everything!

    By the way, we basically use the same camera! I have the Nikon D3100! How amazing!

    Anyway- happy new year, keep blogging girl...


  30. Whole year beautiful and stylish)

  31. Your resolutions are the best!! Happy 2012

  32. beautiful looks!
    Love Lois xxx

  33. love all your outfits and some excellant resolutions x

  34. You look gorgeous in all these styles! So different and euphoric! Want some vegan shoes to pair with the outfits?!You have my support! Me and my fabulous partner are DESIGNING, MAKING AND SELLING AUTHENTIC, HAND MADE VEGAN SHOES! want some?!Come be a part of our journey and find out all the wittle details :)!! and give us some feedback! xoxo-Mumu support a good cause!

  35. This makes me want an intothefold calendar. All the looks are so great. Makes me amazed that a year went by so fast when I've been reading your blog for almost two years now.

  36. I adore the Febuary picture with the umbrella!

    xo Jennifer

  37. beautiful outfits! You look so cute!


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