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23 February 2011

This is not a fashion week post.

Yes dear readers, it's that time of month.
No no, not that time of month, sickos. 
The time of month when you are forced to read dozens of fashion week reviews, you've seen the shows and no doubt you can all come to your own conclusions on the wins and fails of fashion week. Howevs, I have decided to forcefully inflict my opinion upon you, and the commet box is for yours, because I love a good fashion week banter session. Luckily this time of month only comes twice a year.
(Note, these are just from LFW and NYFW, I may or may not do Paris at a later point because you aren't the only one's who struggle with fashion week posts)
Anyway, I'll spam you with ma faves.

Rebecca Minkoff F/W '11.

We all saw Rumi Neely model in the Minkoff presentation for her 2011 Spring collection, her first ready to wear clothing line (before she was a bag lady). We all saw Rumi because of the hundreds of thousands of bloggers out there, half follow Rumi's blog and the other half are too indie to, but secretly check it frequently anyway. You know who you are. I was catching up with the shows a few days ago, and I came across the name under 'recent'. I had seen some favorite bloggers of mine guest blog for Rebecca Minkoff and her blog 'Minkette' so I decided to take a gander at her show. I, in all honesty, had forgotten about Miss Minkoff's spring presentation but not because it lacked in prettiness, but it didn't amaze me utterly and therefore never quite made it too my desktop or this blog. So flicking through this I was in awe, I struggled to find one piece out of this collection that wouldn't have a happy home in my wardrobe. She takes a turn on her heel from her flirting feminine Spring collection and takes a right down modernism avenue, and darn she does it well. Fantastically, all the outfits are completely different but subtly share a theme: wearability. What many older designers lack is the ability to create, or wanting to produce wearable clothes that will effortlessly slip into the average lady's wardrobe and I hope that Rebecca sticks with this theme and improves it even more.

Proenza Schouler FW '11.

Alone mustard yellow, thin strappy shoes, and clashing persian rug/tetris patterns sound like something a human persian rug/tetris game would wear and generally don't appeal to my senses. So it wasn't ever going to be my favorite Proenza show, however, somehow by the crazy fashion maths all of these terrifying prosepects combined with some messy down hair look pretty gorgeous. The show started with divine color blocked evening wear, slowly transcending into grandpa casual and back into some more causal paaarty time clothes. The transition between these themes were so effortless that I didn't notice until I examined the above collage, in chronological order so you too can admire the transistions.
I'll give a second to glance at it and appreciate it...
Okay you done? You see what I mean?
Let's end this with a summary and a little behind the scenes (fake made up) conversation between the genius gentlemen behind the brand. Summery: I wouldn't wear it all at once because i'm 14 and people who don't understand fashion would assume I'm a tetris fanatic, and I'm quite the opposite, it would also be unprofessional and unorginial. I would team any peice with some plain white stuff and one of my beloved wedges. (I would do your stuff justice lads, feel free to send me some stuff and let me prove that...subtle hint or what).

Jack McCollough: Mate, I was checking out this awesome vintage tetris machine that my other mates grandpa owned while wearing some of his knitwear (standard) and I like totally thought: Fall 2011. People need to start wearing tetris themed clothing; Tetris is making a comeback.
(men make Tetris themed clothing, but feel something is missing, a specific colour...)
Lazaro Hernandez:  Mate, it's missing something...
(Random bird comes and drops Lazaro's mustard sandwich on the dresses)
JM: Oh n- wait, oh my lord, Perfect.
LH: Aww man, my sandwich. 

It's okay Lazaro, I think it was for the best.

DKNY FW '11.

DKNY, I used to ignorantly deem this brand as a work wear brand, and since suits aren't my forte I guess I never looked too hard at them, however I recieved an e-mail from a reader asking my opinion on the collection, especially that of the little venician gondola hats.
Thank you dear reader, you have opened my eyes to the beauty of not only color blocking, but also, indeed, small gondola hats (and DKNY...duh). The french inspiration radiates throughout the entire show, and Donna Karan has put a lovely twist on black and white minimalism. The addition of bright colours amidst the greys, blacks and whites make this so 'un-last season' it's beautiful. I have not much to say about this show other than it was my second favorite (so far) and leaves you second guessing every detail; as every minimalistic show should.

Charles Anastase FW '11.

I'm going to quote Alexa Chung herself on this one . 
'Charles Anastase's show which was basically my dream wardrobe.'
Yes Alexa, we clearly have similar dreams. Similar to DKNY, this show left me second guessing ever little detail and I spent a good half hour just analyzing the entire show and debating whether or not to risk a jail sentence by stealing it all. My decision? Well no good criminal reveals their plans; that would be telling. After opening the show with the most beautiful red ensemble ever created by anyone living on planet earth, past and future, the general consensus must have been 'ROFLCOPTER, how can you top that, save the best for last Charles, common knowledge'. No, he didn't get better because how do you get better after that? Instead he maintained glory throughout the show, insiders have indeed confirmed that by the end of the show, the models were sliding across the runway because of the amount of drool produced by the audience. Understandably. Anastase took the show in whole new directions throughout, I had been hoping he would just send out that first outfit a couple hundred times, but he knows best and didn't. I could have made 10 collages, which would have been the entire show but I didn't want to spam you, so instead I picked the 3 outfits that made me faint and crave...chocolate.
Yes, that's how good they were.

Let's end the post with some streetstyle...

jokes, I know your eyes are probably falling out of your face from all this babling writing.

Goodnight folks, thanks to all the new followers, kind e-mails and funny comments.


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  3. ahhahaha this post has definitely made my eyes pop but I have to say that the Proenza Schouler collection is divine ! Like you said it, at first I thought that it was a little bit to granda'ish but all the different patterns an mix of textures made it all together... :) Again, lovely blog !! xx

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    VPV Intern

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