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17 October 2010


Alexander Mcqueen ss11.
It's hard to fall in, and take on McQueen, in fact, I struggle to think of something harder to do. When I first saw the collection I struggled to come to terms with it. This was Sarah Burton's first runway show with the label. I, at first, didn't like it. 
The clothes were beautiful, haunting, but the vibe was wrong. The braided hair- spot on, but that's the only thing that clicked. It almost felt like Burton was trying to copy McQueen's designs than embrace the vibe, embrace his way of thinking. I was uneasy looking at it, it was like she liked a whole bunch of ideas and designs, but only a few actually clicked together. So, with those two things bubbling in my mind I decided to let it sit. It's been sitting for a while now, and I've had a little sudden moment of extreme realization. (SMOER). Of fecking course it isn't going to have the same vibe as McQueen set through in his shows, and through his designs. She isn't Sarah Burton. This isn't Alexander McQueen anymore, this is Alexander McQueen (With Sarah Burton). And only after realizing that did I appreciate (another SMOER) the beauty of the clothes, the models, the setting. Everything is beautifully haunted, the brocade dresses are curtains that have been re-sewn into futuristic micro dresses, the skirt suit has been given new life (white and more tux like, like a cheesy wedding suit, but un-cheesy and more sleek) and lace is the same old, sexy, elegant and reformed. So, while I was weary, slightly offended,and uneasy when I first saw it, now I'm okay. I'm okay, because it's beautiful, like a haunted forest at twilight, your in awe, but intimidated. It is clear Burton isn't trying to copy, because she just thinks the same, but differently. So although the vibe is different, calmer and slightly less extreme , that twilight feeling remains.


  1. When I first saw the collection, I'll admit that I didn't like it either, so don't feel bad! Slowly its growing on me, but I can say I still haven't learnt to fully accept that this is not Alexander McQueen. There are some pieces of it that I do like, but overall I'm still waiting to have the epiphany - HOPING to have it actually - because I want to love it. I really do, but for now its still strutting on a very thin runway between like and love. Lol.

    xoxo coco

  2. I love this collection, Sarah did a great job


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