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03 September 2010

Q&A answers.

What are your favorite and least favorite items in your wardrobe?
My favorite shoes are my Sonia Rykiel pour H&M wedges, and my favorite item is a coat I just bought from Topshop, I can't wait to show it to you guys btw. My least favorite is my running shoes, euggh, I hate running shoes.

What subject is your favorite?
Art and biology

What subjects are you best at? and biology...

How do you take your photos?
With that genius invention - self timer! and resting the camera on any available surface. I just bought a tripod and camera remote though really cheap of amazon, so the next post will be insane. zzzeeyeaaah.

do you have a job? How do you earn money?
No, I earn some money off chores, and some off a monthy allowance, I'm also pretty good at saving. (blatant lie.) 

How tall are you?
I'm about 5''7 maybe just under? I'm tallish average for my age, I'll probably be 5''9, or around there when I'm older, My mum is 5''9 and my dad is 6''4, and one of my uncles is 6''7! so yeaaah, the fam are giants.

What peice do you wear the most often?
I wear black skirt too much, and my purple self made corduroy dress, which you guys have seen at least 3 times haha :) 

Does you school have a uniform?
no, we have a dress code! (Your thinking, wtf is the difference) We have guidelines, like Black bottoms (skirt or skinny jeans are what I normally go for) collared shirt/ blouse (Yeah, I normally pretend my jumper has a invisible collar..) and black shoes (Pumps or Biker boots are my go-to)

Do you have any tips for aspiring fashionistas and bloggers?
I have advice for bloggers I guess, do your own thing, if someone can find it somewhere else, they'll go somewhere else. If your an aspiring fashionista...Inspiration is a wonderful thing, be inspired.

What music do you listen to?
Recently discovered Marina and the diamonds. (I know, I must have been unconsious under a really big rock, like the one Patrick from spongebob lives under not to have listened to them before) and I realised I like all their songs, I also like Mumford and Sons and Flo and the machine, Beyonce, The Corrs, Elvis Presley, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, not Miley Cyrus, definitely not Hannah Montana. 
 Panic at the disco, Amy Winehouse, Anoushka Lucas (My french tutors daughter haha) B.O.B, Chipmunk, Colbie Callait and Christina Aguilera. Sooo, I pretty much like everything...

What is your fave food?
Jelly beans, Peanut butter and jeally sandwiches, peanut butter in general, chocolate and tomatoes.
I may have just created the best sandwich ever...but for now I would prefer not all at once.

Who is your favorite designer?
I don't have a favorite design house, but I love Pheobe Philo, Alexander Wang (except for his recent fall collection..see a few posts below), Christopher Kane (Incl. his collaborative with Donatella, called Versus), Marc Jacobs, Jefferey Campbell, Sonia Rykiel and Chloe ( I also loved Luella), I'm yet to find someone who I can call my favorite. All these people/ houses are in my top number though. 

If you could pick 3 items of clothing to wear for the rest of your life, what would they be?
A plain white burnout v-neck, black biker skinny jeans and ACNE atacomas.

W hat does Autumn hold for you?
I'm hoping to take a proper clothes sewing course, and make some of my designs and sell them,  to stay on top of my GCSE course and to find the perfect heeled boots that don't look tarty.

That's it folks.

oh, and y'all may have noticed the new linky button thaang under the Find me: title.
well yes, i did get twitter.
Oh I'm so hip.


  1. Nice to read:)

  2. :-) i want to say the same! NICE TO READ !

  3. Thanks for answering all of those questions! Good advice and great designer and music picks! We have much in common for being so far apart in age! ;)

  4. I've got the same favourite subjects Art & biology!

  5. I also hate running shoes!


  6. Its great to learn more about fellow bloggers!


  7. on the heeled boot situation... there's some £30 ones in new look with shearling that I just bought. But you may well have already seen these on your search...!

  8. great post! you seem to be such a cutie! :o)

  9. Great answers you gave there,and good luck with the sewing course.Cant wait to see some of your designs come to life :D i so wanna try out a course here in my town too,but i cant seem to get my lazy butt off the coach and go look for some lol :D

    Oh and thanks ever so much for the comment you left on my blog yesterday,its much appreciated :D

    StopAndStareStyle = my super-duper fashion & style blog :D COMMENT,FOLLOW,READ & ENJOY! :D

  10. Show us the coat please ;)

    I'm still not sure about the shoes but yeah if I will buy them I will take the first ones!

  11. Wow, i like your blog.. Great answers! Xx

  12. Urgh. I'm nearly a year younger than you and still taller. Thanks. (This is your fault, OK?)

    I love Marina and the Diamonds TOO much <3<3

  13. Hi Camilla!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! It was nice to read the Q/A :) I'm pretty tall too - feel proud!

    Congrats on the Toronto Star feature! I'm from Toronto myself, so know the paper.


  14. ewwww... i hate biology ;))) but art rocks!

    (new post: 1st Video | ...and I'm off again! & follow me)

  15. Hey! I'm new on Blogspot, but i'm open for every opinion!! ;)
    Fashion lover ? Maybe you're gonna like my blog.
    See ya ?

  16. Thanks for your nice comment!
    Haha I also did something like drooling when I saw these :)

    Your blog is amazing
    ♥ Maja

  17. I really like your blog! Please take a look at mine (:
    - Hope you want to follow me back!



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