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17 September 2010


 Prada AW10

Marc Jacobs AW10

When I first saw the Louis Vuitton show, and the Prada shows, It was hard to deny that the past was coming back to haunt us. (Meant in the most positive way possible, swear down.). The twirling ladylike skirts, the corsets, the little kitten heels (Prada) , or the chunky heeled bow shoes (LV), the gloves, just everything, the whole shebang. my initial reaction was not 'omg, yay, now I can wear that calf length skirt I bought in 1953!' but nor was it 'Oh god, seriously? Your kidding right'.
The only part that initially annoyed me were the kitten heels. I don't like kitten heels, they Irk me. (A bit like Christian Lacroix Irks me, we haven't heard a whole lot from him lately have we?) But in general my response was 'Meh, I need to let this sit'.
It's not that I didn't like the collections, they were undoubtedly impressive, it was more a certain unsettled feeling that I got from the sudden change of pace, from Micro Mini's/ or total Maxi to this odd in between, swirly thing. I realize that these shows are a few months old, but I honestly had to let this sit for that long, and I prefer to post about things that are relevant to Winter, closer to Winter.

Well, after letting it sit for so long, I think I've finally come to the (apparently inevitable decision, because who doesn't like skirts that make you want to literally dance and sing in the rain.) that I love it. I am absolutely adoring the skirts, the shoes (not the kitten heels) and the corsets and tiny bags. It's all so nostalgic. Marc Jacobs show brings back memories from a time I wasn't even alive, a truly amazing achievement considering, well, I wasn't even born yet. The undone hair, with funky middle/side partings is one of the reasons I've moved my parting over. Prada makes me want to become a 1950's librarian, with the big hair, the even bigger skirts, and some dinky little glasses. Louis Vuitton makes me want to dance. Truly amazing collections make you want something, something that isn't just the clothes, it's the lifestyle that comes with wearing the clothes, you want to live in the inspiration.
I'll admit, when I saw the Spring/ Summer collection for 2010 (not 2011, I'll get to those on another post), I was slightly disappointed, because the shapes were better fitted for model shapes, than really my own (I'm more of an hourglass figure), not necessarily skinny skinny models, but the super long legs, and flat front half.
Most of the female population were left to work with the colors and textures. I wasn't overly disappointed because I feel spring is more about color and fabric anyway.

These AW shapes are glorious, they compliment hips and busts, they give boyish shapes hips and busts, they tone down hips and busts. It's the shape that fits all. If a dress shape were a superhero, this would be it.
It brought back femininity, it screams 'YOU CAN ALL BE WOMEN AGAIN!', even the manly chinos and pleated trousers have somehow embraced this femininity just by being on the same planet as the skirts and dresses and bows and flippy hair. Minimalism and this Retro womanliness are my two favorite trends for this Fall, and although Minimalism may be at the opposite end of the fashion spectrum, it still allows for you to feel all womanly, just with a more chic edge, but that's for another post in the near future.
So now, If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go find my flippiest skirt, and be a teenager, a womanly teenager. 


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  1. I agree,im not a huge fan of kitten heels myself lol :) And well for me im still deciding about whether to follow this trend or not,as i dont think im quite the "50's" person,but Louis Vuitton sure did an amazing job,i must admit :)

    StopAndStareStyle = my super-duper fashion & style blog :D COMMENT,FOLLOW,READ & ENJOY! :D

    StopAndStareStyle = my super-duper fashion & style blog :D COMMENT,FOLLOW,READ & ENJOY! :D

  2. I'm a huge fan of the whole ladylike theme to be honest! I just think it's so elegant! :)
    Take a look at my new outfit post.


  3. the first model (marc jacobs) look stunning! love the coat!!

    Check out my fashion illustrations at Illustrated Moodboard = )


  4. love your blog.
    i will follow you!:)

  5. I absoloutely love the LV campaign.

    Freya ♥

  6. I guess I'm a little different, I've been in love with all things 50s for the longest time. It feels like the fashion world is just catching up to a trend that has been bubbling on the streets for a few years now.

  7. Love this LV campaign!
    Your grey coat's fab too :)
    Visit me: xo

  8. lovely post
    have a sweet weekend!

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  12. Wow! Im loving those looks! The LV Campaign is gorgeous.

  13. I love 50's fashion too ! I can never seem to pull off long skirts though, they just make me look short.. :)

  14. you have got nice blog and fantastic style;) xoxo

  15. I love your outfit!!

  16. sorry but meh to this. fine for rich people that are like 25 who work at elle. not fine for POOR teenagers that want to look COOL.


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