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23 August 2010

'A few things I feel need discussing', and other pastimes.

Waay, so since outfit posting is not going to be so easy from the RV, I figured I'll do a summary of some pretty recent collections, whether they are slightly last season, or this season, because I really don't care what season they are, they're nice.
So first theres Celine, I'll admit I hadn't heard about Celine until their most recent spring collection, subsquently the same collection that started Pheobe Philo's career in Celine. The spring collection was clean and interesting, but without being 'BLAAH, LOOK AT ME, ALL IN YOUR FACEEEEE'. It made you think. The collection got the attention of many Bloggers, Editors, Magazines, Shops, etc... It put Celine on the map of designers. What better way, Pheobe Philo must have thought, than to follow on from that with a Prefall collection that is both similiar and different. The pops of bright colours, use of different materials (e.g osterich feathers) and new shapes contrasted the previous collection just enough, but still kept the simple, minimalistic elegance that the Spring collection radiated so well.

 Christopher Kane is relatively new to the scene, but he has a hoard of Bloggers and women a like coveting his spacey printed dresses (see above), jumpsuits and jackets, and furry shoes that he created for his recent Resort collection, his embroidered black coats for his A/W collection, and his line of simple, modern dresses for Versus, a collection and collaberation with Donatella I have posted about before. Maybe even twice. This Resort collection, I feel was one of his best, maybe because I rarely want 99% of a designers collection so badly. (The last time I felt this was Miu Miu spring, and maybe the Celine collection above) The cosmic prints that we are all familiar with have been reinvented kinda with the new shapes, each dress, or suit conveying a different person and personality, and I normally don't approve of throwing in random not related things like furry shoes, but I simply can't see this collection with any other shoes. I generally don't do favorite designers, but Kane has seriously whoo'd me with this.

Balengencia has never ever been mentioned on my blog, partially because it has never really been my style, so I'm going to sum this up quickly. 60's, pattern mixing, primary colors, black.
yes please.

When I firt saw Miu Miu's spring collection, and oh gosh, those swallow print platform babies, I loved it, as pretty much every person did, like how could you not! The ladies got kittens on her dress! Then it kinda hit me, how on earth is Miuccia Prada going to top that? No worries, she did it. The show definitely started out more playful, pastel mixed with bold colours, cute scallop hems, big ass pockets. It was bit like a cartoon mixed with an alien. The show later progressed to become more elegant, with black dresses and just had a more real factor about it. I didn't love the shoes, I felt they weren't relevant to the rest of the clothes. So the question is raised, how is Miuccia going to top this, again. I have complete faith she will.

Sarah Burton has taken over Mcqueen, and from this Resort collection, it's easy to see she has a way to go, but these patterns and even some of the shapes give me hope that Sarah Burton will be able to reignite the Mcqueen flame with beautiful accuracy. All I can say, is I would wear that last dress, but would I buy it? Not until I feel the designs live up to the name.

I'm normally Team Wang, all ready to jump on board with his designs, but I'm afraid I'm temporarily jumping off the bandwagon after seeing this A/W 2010 collection. The whole collection was just, blah. The ugly (and not in a good way ugly) ruched slips and glittery legwarmer things were just blah. The only thing which has stopped be completely blowing up the Wang train, is that Camel coat (see top row of pictures) and the loafer boots.

These, I want.
So these are some collections that had me smiling, drooling and glaring. Whilst writing this post I have decided this week while I'm in the USA RVing will be spent catching up on collections, and writing posting posts I've been meaning to write for a while.


  1. i love love LOVEEEEE this entire post... especially the kane.. he's so ingenious.

    +++enter my giveaway!


  2. Im in love with those Wang boots too! Love at first sight, really. I dont know if I would want them in brown with the yellow wearing, I like the black/blue much more!

  3. Yeah, taking a second look at the Wang collection is like...kind of wacked out or something. Usually I like dark looks but I dunno it was just weird. Although I was surprised with Balengencia! I couldn't believe that was actually Balengencia. Hmm who knew.

  4. amazing prints and patterns, what an inspiring post! those wang boots are to do for

    stop by our fashion blog, we hope you love it =)

    xx .sabo skirt.

  5. these models look like robots!!!

    (new post: Red Heels & follow me)

  6. I really want those Wangs!

  7. i worship at the altar of phoebe philo.


  8. I like this post. I'm not agree with you, winter's collection are differents from summer's ones bcuz they have less color and they are simple...with simple cut and colors...I like simple!And i really love Sara Urton for Mcqueen! ;))
    visit mine. xxx

    u r sooo young ;)

  9. Like the prints!

  10. Great post! I LOVE the Balengencia collection! I'm not huge on 60's fashion, but I love this!
    I love reading your blog!! Seriously good stuff!!

  11. amazing pics.
    lovely blog

  12. miu miu is my favourite this season again! i also love christopher kane and wang here.

  13. This post must have taken forever to write!! It's awesome though:) I love pretty much all the collections--those boots are ammmmaaazinggg! I want them too.


  14. I just love the Balenciaga ones you have featured. Also loving the fur in the first few... not sure if I am confident enough to rock fur/feather like that

    great post camilla!

    Adèle –

  15. Beautiful job on this post! Have lots of fun RVing, I have always wanted to do that. xoxo

  16. love, is all i can say :)

    i tagged you in this blog award !

  17. Those Alexander Wang boots are amazing... :)

  18. don't even START me on christopher kane! so in love. love love love lo-ove. :) thanks for the sweet comments miss!
    hope you're having a gorgeous week xxxxx

  19. im following your blog now for a number of reasons:
    - i am in love with christopher kane and miu miu's latest collections
    - i love all the things you post, especially runway posts like these
    - i think were blogging soulmates, i havnt found something on here i dont like yet!
    - and last of all, my name is also camilla haha

    your blog is amazing, keep it up!

  20. Well done on this post missy! which reminds me, I NEED COLOURED TIGHTS!

  21. i love christopher kane's collection!


  22. great collections! yeahh, those wang boots are insaaaane.

  23. This blogaward is for you:

  24. hello darling!
    i just scrolled through and caught up on the posts that i missed :)
    i'm loving this whole post.. so beautiful.

  25. Hey! I've just found out your blog and it's so wonderful!!!!
    My favourite is definitely Celine...anyway great review!


  26. I've always maintained that unlike the likes of Armani and Missoni, McQueen was the MAN not the BRAND. Sarah Burton shows promise but I don't think it'll ever be the same.

    Also, Phoebe Philo is amazing. She did fabulous things for Chloe before as well.

  27. PS- Your layout is so incredibly chic in it's simplicity. ENVY!

  28. Love this! Balenciaga is awesome!!!

  29. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous clothes! I loved the Balenciaga collection, it was so vintage-adorable.

  30. hot post alert! I loved all the looks like you put together for this! I agree a bit with the A Wang part, I like only his dreses/the ones that Abbey Lee wears in his video campaign (it's the last post on my blog page if you haven't seen it yet)

    celine and mcqueen are super hot, but I just can't wrap my head around balenciaga. X:

    xxo. fashioncontagious

  31. celine balenciaga and kane, yes!!!!!

    kisses from the philippines xxx


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