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03 June 2010

Fair play.

I got a comment, from 'Anonymous' a few days ago...

'Ok, probably I'll be the only one to criticize, but I don't like this. I don't think it's good for you to dress up in clothes proper rather for your mothers than for you, not to mention make-up, heels and wedges... God, I don't want to come up with the stupid when-I-was-your-age argument, but really, when I was thirteen, my mum would've killed me for such dressing up. Of course, you're all very stylish, very pretty and everything, but this is not what childhood (yes, you're still children) is all about.'

I didn't edit this, this is the full comment. 

Instead of judging all these girls (and boys) who decide to start a blog, and dress nicely, why don't you embrace the fact that we are taking initiative and getting on with something we love doing? Different kids choose to have different childhoods, some choose sports, some choose music, some choose fashion. I don't just sit and ogle at shoes all day - I paint, draw, sing and play guitar, and most bloggers do the same. We don't pile on the make-up, in fact, most of these girls don't wear much at all! Our skirts are appropriate length, our heels are not too high. Liking fashion doesn't take away your childhood, it just makes it different to everyone elses, everyone should have their own inidvidual childhood. A childhood doesn't have to be about running about 24/7, it's about finding out who you are. Everybody has a right to embrace their childhood the way they want. We don't dress tarty, we dress smartly.

UPDATE : anonymous has commented again, (just scroll down in the comments to see it) 
 'The point' is I like dressing nicely, but thanks for clarifying about your comment, and of course, I have no problem with you expressing your opinion, your totally entitled to it. I was just clarifying why I think it's ok for teens to dress nicely. I think it's a bit harsh that just because we're younger, we get judged when we dress nicely, and i think it's an issue that get's a lot of speculation, and is important to us bloggers.

PS: Im sorry if anyone thinks I am making a fuss- I don't mean too, I just want to put out anothe side to the argument. 


  1. love your response & how you rose up to the occasion! you go girl :)

    Anna Katrina

  2. I think having a fashion childhood
    is the best childhood you can have!
    You responded so well girl(:

  3. funny how they're not big enough to post their true identity :L go you :) xx

  4. This person is probably wishing (like I am) that they were half as cool as you when they were 13. Everyone's childhood is different, just because you're not living your life like an Enid Blyton book doesn't mean you aren't embracing your childhood.
    I really admire your response, shows that you are mature enough for the way you dress.

  5. I think it's fantastic how mature you are. Good for you. After reading your posts for the past few days, I can tell that you yourself could inspire someone to start blogging. You definitely have one of the best blogs out there. And you shouldn't even consider that comment an insult. To be that mature (and well-dressed) at 13 is really something to be proud of.

  6. Well said!!!
    Seriously though that person should take a hike, because I know that when I look back on myself at 13 I always think what the fuck was I wearing?! At least you'll never have that experience. That person shouldn't judge you on your blog alone because that isn't a complete representation of who you are. People like that are the reason why people are afraid to be themselves these days...

  7. AnonymousJune 03, 2010

    You misunderstood my comment and you really shouldn't have made such a fuss about it.

    By "improper" I didn't mean "slutty". I meant that you look as if you were at least 20, though the cute face doesn't match the whole picture.
    Of course that you have the right to wear any clothes you like ang engage yourself in any hobby (as long as it's ok with your parents, ha ha ;) ), but I guess that if you give your readers (or random guests like me) the possibility to comment, I have the right to express my opinion, like it or not.

    You yourself wrote that you dress more maturely than most girls your age, I'm just wondering, what's the point? In my language there is a word for young girls who pretend to be older than they are; the translation would be sth like "oldie-youngie".
    You'll have your whole life for being old, mature and responsible, there is a proper time for everything, that's just my opinion.

    BTW, I'd love to sign my comment, but this would be of no use, as I don't have a blog myself, so others who commented on this entry (and on my comment and, actually, on me) won't be able to verify my being green-eyed with jealousy and hideously ugly, sorry for that ;)

  8. anonymous,why would her parents disapprove.I mean its not like she dresses like a slag in bra's and short mini skirts is it?...Ox

  9. Oh I think you are amazing ;)
    It is amazing to see a girl of your age sooooo stylish!Keep up!

  10. AnonymousJune 03, 2010

    excellent response to that comment! i fully agree with what you've said, it's true that stylish people like yourself are generally the ones who are dressed the most appropriately and conservatively. no one ever harks on the 13 year old artist or singer, they are usually commended for their talents, and your form of expression through art is no different. i commend you for being so mature, and brave enough to put up a strong comeback!

  11. I kind of understand where Anonymous is coming from, because the nature of childhood has changed so much recently. I'm only 23, but I recall a very different childhood, with lots of time spent playing in parks in bad sportswear. But times change, the world that you are growing up in is different to the world that I grew up in, and now it is possible for you to experiment with fashion in a way that I couldn't have done when I was your age. The part where I disagree with Anonymous is that I wouldn't want to put any value on which is the better childhood. You look healthy and happy, and while there is lots of scaremongering about kids growing up too fast these days, you don't look like you're hanging around on street corners drinking cider or anything.

    Anyway, I've never commented on your blog before, though I do read regularly, so I'd just like to say that I think you have great style, and I always enjoy your posts. Especially the titles, you have a way with titles.

  12. Oh my! People think I dress too old for my age...but that's b/c they don't actually realize how old I am. :)
    I think you dress fine and getting dressed should be fun. If you're young and enjoying it then does it really matter what "age" or "maturity" in clothes your channeling?
    Also, I really agree with what you said on childhood: everyone has a different experience. Being young doesn't mean you live in a protected bubble. Lately a lot of people seem to think youth can't dress, write, or think for themselves, but I think we're undervaluing young people when we tell them they're incapable or wrong to be doing some of the things they do.
    And from your text and pictures I don't think you're "growing up too fast"'re definitely more chic than I was at your age, but there's definitely nothing wrong with that! :)

  13. eleanor MckenzieJune 03, 2010


  14. AnonymousJune 04, 2010

    if your blog makes you happy, and clearly it makes a lot of other people happy, then that is a great trait to learn to appreciate while growing up. keep it up girl! you have lots of support!

  15. Who is anyone to say that dressing one way is more appropriate than another. As long as your skirts aren't too short and your tops aren't too tight/low cut, which I have never seen you wear. And who is anyone to say that you aren't experiencing your childhood because you choose to wear a blazer instead of a sweatshirt? People are so frustrating. It's those small minded people that create self conscious/insecure women which we see way too many of these days. I could go on and on but I don't want to waste any more of my time thinking about this ignorance.

    Keep doing what you are doing girl, age shouldn't be a factor in following your dreams.


    i once got a comment like that as well some time ago.. this anonymous person was actually even more rude. he/she told me that i should save the money that I put into my fashion related goodies for better use. I was like "since when do anonymous people become my financial advisor and manager?"

    I agree with you that we all have our rights to decide what sort of life, whether adulthood or childhood, we want to pursue. In the end it's our life, not theirs.

    i never think your skirt is too short nor your heels are too high that you look inappropriate. anonymous commentators are just sooooo small minded. they're just simply jealous which is why they make negative comments.

    I appreciate your courage of bringing this anonymous comment into public.


  17. i agree with you!
    my mom usually says that i dress 'too old' for my age, but i don't care, 'coz it's how i express myself.
    i'm not judging Anonymous either here, but i just wanna say, we all have the rights to do anything we love, as long as it doesn't do any harm to other people (or animals and tress)

    have a great day ;)

    The Spoof.

  18. I'm glad Anonymous is just Anonymous and won't come out of the woodwork to really stand up for her/his opinions.

    Good for you for having such an amazing style at a young age. I'd have preferred to be confident enough to have my own style at your age instead of feeling awkward and shy.

    Keep being you!

  19. AnonymousJune 04, 2010

    I love the way you dress.
    I've been rocking the undercut, but I've been inspired by you to grow it out, and as soon as my hair is long enough, I'm going to my hairdresser with a picture of you.

    I think it shows how great the word is that I can admire someone almost half my age, and I'm not ashamed of it.

    When I was 13, the fashionable thing was to dress like a child, big beaded necklaces and t-shirts with cartoon characters on them, if it has been the more sophisticated looks you rock, then back in 1999, I would have worn them.

  20. well said! i totally agree with you, and i think that its MUCH better for you to dress the way you want to express your personality and share it with others through your blog. your blog inspires others to dress uniquely, which has to be better than all dressing as clones in jeans and jumpers, which is apparently is 'what childhood is about'.
    and in the end its not others who determine how you spend your childhood, its the way you decide to spend it.
    i think your blog is great and you should ignore the negative comments, who in my opinion, sound jealous

  21. AnonymousJune 04, 2010

    you are amazing i love your blog

  22. very well said.
    i think it's your own choice, your own calling to know when you want to dress up. i never did as often when i was little, but that's because i couldn't... didn't have the clothes, and didn't have the shopping money.



  23. good to see you standing up for yourself x

  24. Well said. It's up to you to choose what's best for your life. :)

  25. great response!!! I completely agree with everything you said! And I really admire you, and every person who expresses themselves through blogs, because I would love to post photos of my outfits, but I'm too shy to do it!! Keep on with your amazing blog!!!

  26. Hi Babe!
    Thanks for voting for me and for your sweet comment on bloglovin'! Keep up the good blogging!

  27. You're welcome dear :)
    Loved the blog, I'll return fer sure.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Love what you said! I really agree with your opinion. Some people love music, some sport and other people love fashion.
    I love it that now 13 years old girls have style and that they're expressing their personality.

  30. I totally agree with you doll!

  31. you go girl!!

    you are so right!!!

    You do this much better than most of the older bloggers anyway ! this person should be in awe of what you have achieved through this blog at such a young age rather than criticising you for it !

    Keep it up, I love checking in on your blog, it's amazing, as are you ;)

  32. hey camilla, i'm on your side. I have noooo clue what 'anonymous' is on about!!


  34. Dont worry about the haters, with your sense of style, and this awsome blog, you'll probably get further in life in the fashion world :)

  35. I love your blog! fashion inspiration, you are to me!

    Well my mom was a teen in the 70's and she ADORED fashion back then. She spent her teens sewing dresses and skirts, and kept a lot of fashion mags. So, like you said...everyone has a different childhood...even back then.

    It's your experiences and what you enjoyed doing that shapes your childhood. My literature teacher mentioned this while we read an Allen Curnow poem.

    Classique chérie

  36. ah I got haters on my blog and its just so annoying, unnecessary and pointless. this is probs. a bit more rational criticism but really, its not like you're taking photos of yourself with crack pipe in hand or some shit.

  37. your dress sense is amazing, wether your 13 or not it doesnt matter. its your passion like many of ours so you are not having a proper childhood if anything its a great thing to be mature at 13 in this world.
    p.s i LOVE your blog xxx

  38. i meant so you are in no way not having a proper childhood* sorry haha! x


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