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14 January 2010

Let's get in on, like Donkey Kong. Q&A answers.

You had the questions.
I have the answers.

What are you inspired by?
Everything, table cloths, shops, people, animals, art. Just everything....except my maths sub teacher. He was just weird.

What is your favorite type of cupcake?
Lemon with Lemon icing.

What country do you live in?
England, London, for my entire life, I only go on holiday to these warm places, I have never lived anywhere exotic, but I dream of moving to NYC when Im older.

What is your favorite colour?
TEAL....yes it's a real color. Im not making it up.

Wich celebs style do you like most?
Well, I think it goes without saying that Alexa Chung is pretty god damn awesome. I also love Chloe Sevingy and Sienna Miller.

Favorite photographer?
I love the work Patrick Demarchlier does for Vogue.

Favorite designers?
DKNY, Balmain, Preen, Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs.

Favorite place to be?
NEW YORK. (cue Alicia keys, Empire state of mind) *cue dramtic miming of singing the song*

Favorite thing to do in my soare time?
I love art, I draw manga, and paint alot. I also go shopping. alot.

What's the most australian thing about you?
IM NOT AUSTRALIAN. But probably my Blonde hair and all year round tan. (Im half danish/american)

What keeps you blogging?
You guys. and my insane LOVE for fashion, I get so inspired when I read other people blogs, no matter how shit they are.

Me and Charlie the unicorn are getting married, who should be the ring bearer?
The cookie monster. Duh?

Good 'n' plentys or gushers?
Nerds. They kick ASS.

If you were trapped in a burning building, and you could only call one super hero, who would you call?
Spidey. He's ma homeboy.

Hope I answered your questions!?
(If not, please feel free to email me!)


  1. yummy...cupcakes....:) Teal is AWESOME!! and i love sienna miller too.

  2. My favourite colour is teal too. I have one wall painted it in my room. I also love Alexa Chung and Chloe Sevigny. ♥

  3. hell yeah my question got in! surprised by some of the answers... I didn't know you drew manga :D (post post!) oh and nerds are my favourite too. and spidey is my total third favourite superhero :) (second is wonder woman, first is my amazing made-up superhero, SOOPA PEET :D) xxxx

  4. Demarchlier is a God! Cute photos, lovely styling x

  5. ugh i fell foolish for asking that ... but i thougth aobut before asking and i said i bet shes not even australian so i asked for it ,

    anyway , so that comment thing is jsut a joke then ? because i always read that before i comment

  6. Love the tights and glasses! um you didn't answer my question. oh shit, I didn't ask one. Probably for the better since I ask innapropriate things. And id rather marry one of charlie's gay friends (the purple one. He/She is the shit)

  7. love the tights

  8. Hey sweetie can I just say you look amazingly cute!! I love the mini with the golden skirt only you could pull-it off am in love with this post!! and the glasses how cute and spunky can you get right totally fantastic you always put a smile in my face no matter what!! Thanks for posting such amazing things! Oh and I bought the Maybelline Foundation you featured in a past post and I love it it’s so light I love it thanks for posting things like that sweetie, well am off thanks for this amazing post take care darling and you rock!!!

  9. you look so cute! I LOVE THE GLASSES!!

  10. adoreeeeable! so cute love the skirt!

  11. such fun pictures and i too love nerds!

  12. your photos get better and better everytime i visit your blog :)++

  13. Nerds. Fo Reals. Haha!

    That gold skirt is awesome. Love it.


    One Love,

  15. amazing blog girl!!!

    invite you to see my blog


    follow you!!

  16. Love the blog!
    and i also want moving to New York and think that Alexa Chung is absolutely adorable!
    nice outfit

  17. I'm so in love with your skirt :D

    awesoooome Outfit!!!


  18. Your outfit is so adorable! and i agree with a lot of your answers. :)

  19. still love love love this skirt!

  20. I have to totally agree with you on the nerds thing. For several years, they were the only candy I would eat. Well, I also ate chocolate...

  21. Love the Outfit & Glasses totally dope!
    P.S I'm following you blog would love if you Followed/Comment My Blog too
    You'll Totally LoVE IT <33
    XO, Brianna

  22. loveloveLOVE those tights. (esp. with the gold mini. ;)) i might have to come to your house and steal it... jk! sort of...

  23. amazing tights! and what a beautiful skirt.


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