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23 January 2010

I don't want to be forever young.

Finally found some 'CATERPILLAR' boots, Hallelujah. 

Im currently listening to 'Taylor Swift- You belong with me'. Im dancing around my room- possibly even re-inacting the music video precisely. Not a good song to listen to when It basically describes exactly how you feel. I also have a tub of ben and jerry's ready. Im not helping myself. So, some friends put on Kelly Rowland, danced around the room and we realised, I have these choices:
1) Play impossible to get.
2) Go up and kiss him.
3) Ignore him. Get over him.
4) Tell him how I felt.
And of course, being the total dipshits my friends are, they have their hearts set on #2.
I am not a 'Go up and kiss them in public like its a movie' person.
Sorry folks.

Song of the day: US: Regina Spektor.

Young love, nothing more nothing less.


  1. I know so precisely how you feel. I've been through two heartbreaks last year, because he got someone else. I've gotten over both of them and talk to 'em like friends now, but it still hurts to be ignored, or neglected, or unappreciated. So I'm with you, I support you as much as a stranger can do. Remember there's over six billion people on this Earth and there's at least one made for you!

    (Love the skirt/dress and the shoes :o)

  2. Hi Camilla! This look is the boots!!

  3. you look so lovely in that plaid skirt and the black tights add so much to your outfit. :)
    and i know how you feel. i felt that way towards this one guy back in high school and it just tore me apart each and every day, it was ridiculous. young love is not too different than "older" love though. just remember, like one of the other commenters said, there are over six billion people out there. one day you will be able to move on, but until then stay strong :)

  4. very cute! i really like your hair


  5. I love how you let all your feelings out. I totally know how you feel. Like seriously story of my life write now! Well at least you have cute 'CATERPILLAR' boots :D and don't worry things will get better... even though I don't really know considering I'm still waiting too... haha!


  6. You've basically written out my exact feelings in your visit with MSW. You have my full support with however you decide to handle it but I'd suggest #4 (although hypocritically I would never be able to take my own advice). Good luck :]



  8. I love the outfit! Hope you feel much better and happier soon:)


  9. wow it sounds like you have a little dilemma here... i think you should just do whatever feels right at the moment; you only live once anyway, right?

    #2 seems quite fun. though it would have to be a little fairytale if it so happened he wasn't a tad freaked out. i like #4 :]

    by the way, thats a pretty skirt

    hope you work out what to do :]


  10. dude hope everything works out for you... which im sure it will!
    at least you found your boots :)!!

  11. hi, very nice style, camilla! i really like the layering style. you always seem like having so much fun with style.

    i really like your nonchalant writing style too. the four options are cute. haha. i'm kinda in the same league with you so i kinda understand ;) i'd gladly go with option 2 but considering but i don't have that much guts to do such thing, i'd go with the first option instead!

  12. i think #4 is the best option!

    LOVE your outfit!

  13. yeah 4 is the best option - cute skirt :) xo

  14. hey , I love your boots ! oh are you like Taylor Swift ? I like she ! xoxo

  15. I'd say #4 :)) Hihi, myself, I usually wait till they themselves go to #2 :))))
    Good luck with the boy! ;) <3

  16. cute cute cute BOOTS!
    and do number 4
    2 is a little desperate so wait a while but you know you always will have BEN AND JERRY! THEY ARE KEY MEN TO EVERY GIRLS LIFE :)
    good luckk

  17. I'm in love with that colorful scottish skirt

  18. That skirt is sooo pretty ! <3
    + I'd go for no.4 :)
    I did that too last year,
    and it turned out to be the best choice :)
    He didn't like me the way I liked him,
    but at least I got to know what he felt, so I didn't have to puzzle my head off anymore :)
    So, just go for it!
    + As long as you have B&J, everything's gonna be all right :D


  19. what! forever young is all i ever want to be! those boots are pretty amazing

  20. love this post first of all darling you look fantastic so amazing and to tell you the truth I don’t want to be forever young hahaha! I have loads of insecurities like what path will I take should I get married have kids or stay crazy forever that just makes my head hurt sooooo much. The only think am thinking is when am 40 all this will be down with and whatever happened happens but am still not sure haha!! I love the outfit so simple and hip and about the guy im the type of girls that always plays hard to get it’s fun at the beginning guys just obsesses about it and when I see they are getting a bit annoyed I start talking to them hahah!! great post darling!!

  21. I love your blog!
    And I definitely re-enact the "You Belong With Me Video" a little too often.
    Keep writing dearie :) x

  22. aaah thanks for your reaction!
    youre blog is cute to!

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. I am so glad you found my blog. If you hadn't, I would not have found YOUR blog. I love it! You have wisdom beyond your 13 years.

    As for the boy thing, PLAY IMPOSSIBLE TO GET. I'm only 19, but believe me, it drives guys WILD!

    Shine on!


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