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16 January 2010

Dress: Primark
Jumper: St Tropez
Necklace: ?
Tights: Topshop sale is my homeboy.
Just bought this top that I tried on in store just before christmas for HALF THE PRICE. (Only £100000000!...Joking...)

I need one of these dresses- Purple or Pink?
Such hard choices.
Speaking of hard choices, Im picking ma GCSE subjects, Art, RE (Philosophy) and Higher tier science are on my list. Fun stuff.
Cant decide between History and Geography?
(Or neither?)
Thanks for all the followers and comments,
You guys keep me young. *Cue emotinal tear*


  1. Wow! awesome style for being so young! I love it! When I was 13, I was sort of a mix between punk and gothic... (It was 1997, that was the style) and everyone else was wearing Abercrombie and Fitch just because it was popular. No one understood my style. Your generation is so lucky to have such awesome websites and forums and blogs to refer to and share style with. When I was 13, the internet had about 200 websites and they were all in simple HTML frames code (my computer nerdiness just came out there). Keep it up and thanks for visiting!!

  2. I love your blog - it's so fun and inspiring to read. I think with your amazing hair colour you should get the pink dress - it's brighter :D

    -A xoxo

  3. purple!
    i should visit the topshop website more often..

  4. Loveee your outfit and love the purple dress :)

  5. aww, you're only 13 and you have great taste! :)

  6. I love that dress from Primark!
    Its really beautiful.

  7. Beautiful outfittt! But now I just can't wear dresses 'coz it SOOOO COLD! And you have got a beautifuuuuuuuuuuuul color of hair!

  8. So cute!! I love your style. I was on your blog last night and my parents looked over at it and they thought it was me because of your blonde hair:)


  9. im doing gcse choices too D: arrgghhh, stressfullness. (what a word ;] ) xxx

  10. I WANT WANT WANT that dress! i actually like the purple version of the dress better than the pink. although pink is my favorite color, it's so common for floral prints.

  11. thanks for all the comments! i love the outfits and pictures. and come to think of it.. you sure look a hell of a lot like this british chick in front of me in line at the haunted mansion at disney world this christmas. she had a very attractive older looking brother? too who wore cheap monday jeans and had his ears gagued hahaa

  12. I love your style Camilla. that floral dress is so pretty on you!


  13. Love love love what you're wearing! Actually I always dig your style whenever I stop by your have such awesome fashion-sense, wish I was that wise when I was 13.
    Oh, and you should totally take History--history is sooooo interesting!

  14. Love this look..and your outfit in the post below, great sunglasses! Love your Q&A too. xoxo ava

  15. love the necklace. && I vote for the dress on the left!

  16. very lovely photos..
    and the dress is adorable! :D

  17. Cute blog, I love Topshop. Love the dress, cute style

  18. purple looks awesome and i loooove primark!

  19. Really love the outfits you post!

  20. That Primark dress is so cute! I like that

    xoxo, thn

  21. You should be pretty damn happy to live nearby a Topshop store. The internet ordering is a pain in my ass, (wel actually I quite like it, but the sizing is always a buzz kill)

    Love you blog btw.

  22. youre looking great and your so cute (:

    half danish, half american, livin in uk! ;) did you ever bin in united states?

    love, caroline.

  23. Nice dress ! I'm following your blog

    ( )

  24. I love your quirky style. So cute!!


  25. Your style of writing is niiice!

    Purple... *unnecessary explanation coming on*
    It's more wearable and far less 'omfg I'm a girly dress', more sort of 'oh yeah alriiiight'.


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