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24 December 2009

I have always wanted to jump in a cab and yell 'FOLLOW THAT CAR!'.

Thank you so much to Jen  for this award!
I'm going to give it to 3 lovely bloggers!
These Girls are simply wonderful!

The outfit is what I wore to a carol singing/dinner/party thing last night.
And Carribean sunsets are just amazing.
Only 10 more hours till I can open my presents!
(Unfortuantaly you have 18 more hours. sozzies)
Let's remind ourselves of how insanely amazing 2009 was.
1) Me starting this blog.
2) BALMAIN. Need I say more?

3) Alexander Mcqueen's amazing Armadillo shoes.

4) Lady Gaga- Bad romance Song and Music video.
6) Me realising Im not the only one who dislikes Christian Lacroix. He irks me.
7) My insanely funny post titles.
8) Topshop.
9) Me finding new fashionable bloggers everyday- and realsing some really dress like shit.
(No offence)
10) This yearly roundup
11) All the new awards and followers!

I hope everybody gets what they wished for, I really want a DSLR camera. But god forbid it should be a Fujifilm Finepix, because I have heard rumours that they suck. And they are the cheapest which is why I am concerened that this is what I will recieve. Oh well, better than nothing :) (PLEASE BE A CANON)(OR A SONY/NIKON) :))
Aso lots of Topshop clothes and a few surprises would rock my world even more than 2009 roundup did ;)
I also wish for 70 followers! (Hint Hint) xxxx
Now if I may be excused I must go make some Chocolate cake for dessert Tonight.
Got any questions? E-mail me at


  1. i love those alexander mcqueen shoes, very cool indeed :)
    merry christmas

  2. I love your dress and I agree, I think you should get a Canon, it's what I have and I love it dearly. Let's hope that's what you get :)
    Btw, I'm 16, you asked me in your last comment
    Happy Christmas xx

  3. Thanks for the award, you've made me feel so special!

    Hope you get everything you want and maybe even something awesomely unexpected.

    Merry Merry Xmas!

  4. that dress is so cutee!


  5. Thanks ! And Merry X-mas to you !! Hope you'll have a wonderful day !
    And love the title of the post ! :) and your dress of course !

  6. You wear the most wonderful dresses!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. gorgeoussss! i great outfit, and congrats on the award:)

    merry xmas.

  9. I scrolled down your sweet blog and I am amazed! Nice posts: )
    I am following
    Much love,

  10. I love your dress so so much! Merry Christmas :)


  11. Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog! You are absolutely adorable and the dress you are wearing is to die for!!! Absolutely love it.

  12. omg. you have the prettiest dress! i love it.
    i always love your funny titles. never fails to put a smile on my face.

    Merry Christmas!


  13. Camilla!! Congrats on the award, I am loving all of your dresses! I hope you get everything you want for Christmas! xoxo ava

  14. merry christmas! and those mcqueen shoes made my list as well :D

  15. I bought my boyfriend a rebel for christmas and couldn't resist letting him open it early, but he absolutely loves it!


  16. Oh, I love your outfit. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2009 has truly been a great year hasn't it......
    Check out my blog at:

  17. Great dress! And yes... 2009 was such a crazy year for all us...especially for you! :) Hope you have a great christmas!

  18. thanks for checking my blog out! Love the dress and yay for your award! happy xmas!

  19. you look fantastic in that dress! the colors are gorgeous.

    hope you're having a wonderful christmas! :)

  20. Perfect, hippy dress for a Caribbean vacation. I hope you get the camera of your dreams.

  21. Haha I love the title of this post, I've always wanted to do that too hahaha. Your dress is so pretty! Merry Christmas :)

  22. hahaha
    you my darling are a funny girl!

  23. Haha, I love this:

    Cheers mate *to be said in an australian accent*

    Keep churning this stuff! Love it!

  24. haha what a title! bravo! i must use it somewhere :)
    have a great holidays!!!

  25. haha number 9 is hilarious and some times, so wright.
    but really those shoes? i just do not inderstand them? it's alian like not feminine at all. (my opinion) ok we have round forms and i think a woman is non as such without them but on top of your feet?

    And is your fuji a dslr?
    I was so happy to when i got my camera. silly enough i call it my baby.
    i also have a cheep one, for a dslr.A sony alpha a200 but i don't care less. I love it

    i'm curious for your photographs

    merry christmas!!

    With love Jessi

  26. i love the mcqueen shoes but thinking ifi could pull em off!

    please check my blog


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