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10 December 2009

It takes extreme skill to run into automatic doors.

Proceeded to pack for the Carribean christmas holiday- ended up making and decorating 30 gingerbread men whilst dancing to 'Look for me' by Chipmunk (who is actually Jay from S club 8). This knitted floral top reminded me of gingerbread men.

So I will leave you with 10 things to do on a plane.

1)Whilst boarding the plane, say in a loud voice "THAT WING SURE DOES LOOK RUSTY!!"

2) When everyone is seated, do your own demonstration of what to do in an emergency, let this include 'comical' situations such as "in the (likely) event of the plane setting alight and becoming a plummeting fireball of death, please remember to tighten your seatbelt" look surprised when you are the only one laughing.

3) when the plane is still on the ground, Rock back and forth in your seat and say aloud "THIS TURBULANCE SURE IS ROUGH!!"

4) Wear rags and a headscarf, claim that your name is Svetolafoson Frojhkyhkjuhjdj and that you are being deported back to Estonia, look pleased when your told that this plane is not going there. say "Really?!, u haf not met me if zey ask zen, ok?!"

5) As the plane is landing, adopt the 'Duck and Cover' position as you scream "WE ARE GOING TO CRASH! ONLY DEATH AWAITS US ALL NOW! DEATH I TELLS YA!!!!" when you land safely, stand up and leave the plane normally, thank the stewardess for a lovely flight.

6) From the second you take off, every ten seconds say in the same voice "are we there yet?"

7) Keep sniffing around and eventually say in a loud voice "CAN YOU SMELL BURNING?"

8) Go to the cockpit, wait a few second, then come back and say in a loud voice, "UMM SHOULD'NT THERE BE...LIKE....A PILOT?"

9) When your on a small, ten person plane, Inform everyone that you used to be an aerodynamic engineer and this plane is VERY badly built.

10) Delight your fellow passengers with your impression of a plane crashing in to the sea, complete with sound effects.

Im not going to be posting until I arrive in the Carribean on saturday. The plane journey is about 8 hours- maybe I shouldn't do any of the above things to do on a plane? xxx


  1. I am so in love with your blog--it's so fun. And that list of things to do on a plane, hilarious!
    Have fun in the Carribean, I'm so jealous of your holiday vacation!!!

  2. Your skirt is just beautiful! I wish I was going to the Carribean!

  3. I LOVE this! That skirt is awesome. I"m so jealous you're going to somewhere TROPICAL. You should've taken me with you! ;) Have fun! And take lots of pics!

  4. love it darling
    so gorgeous, love the blog as always
    thanks for sharing
    and thanks for the sweet comments

    check out my blog @

  5. Love the knitted floral shirt. 10 things to do in a plane? Haha, hilarious.

  6. Great outfit, love the plane tips and have fun! xo ava

  7. love the skirt so bad!!

  8. this outfit is fantastic !!

  9. haha! this made me laugh! love love love your denim skirt and floral top! :)

  10. the shirt is too cute <3

  11. the tips were so funny, but one thing got to me really...
    the one with the "deported back to Estonia"...
    well I am from Estonia and well i felt like it is so true that people really think that we are this postsoviet country and we all live like we have never seen a computer or an ipod before...
    cmon, these jokes are getting old
    i am not mad or anything just think before you write something like this because Estonia has developed sooo much since 1991 since we gained our independence,
    i suppose you probably do not know that Estonians invented skype for example, well i am not here to brag or nothing like that
    hope i did not sound too mean:)


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