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11 October 2009

Today I went shopping bacuse if I didn't spend some money soon I was going to chew my hand off.

Just me, getting some thoughts of my mind and on to yours. This is possibly my biggest most jam packed post ever... ENJOY :) So in this post there is, : 10 reasons why I LOVE BALMAIN Whats in my bag ???? A little photo shoot TEN REASON WHY I LOVE BALMAIN 1) They brought back studs in the space of a fashion show. That in it's self it amazing :) 2) They use the sharp shoulder like no other, they actually make me like shoulder pads !! 3) ELECTRIC BLUE GLITTER DRESS 4) They make the most amazing bodycon dresses 5) They make the best bckle boots ever 6) They play great music during their fashion shows :) 7) every item of clothing is the same but completely dangerous 8) Balmain...remind me of vampires :) 9) They use zippers, god i love zippers :) 10) They are my favorite designer, like a better TOPSHOP :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx OMFG. This is what is in my bag, my iphone, purse, mini brush/mirror, earphones, ipod nano purple, star shaped sunglasses/ Fabric case, LUSH lipbalm, panda mini plush toy, loose notes, a rubber duck (my lucky ducky), some rock candy from brighton and limited edition kleenex :) xxx Whats in your bag ??? I would love to know :) xxxxx Okay, so today I went shopping with my friend Agi, I bought a breton striped tee (TOPSHOP) and a Purple flowery top (MANGO) . The black boots Im wearing are like biker boots, bit a little less bikery :), They look like I am wearing black knitted socks :), The checkered skirt I have had for years, but it still fits and I still love it :) xxxxxx Breton striped tee - TOPSHOP Blazer - TOPSHOP jeggings- ZARA Checkered skirt- H&M Boots- ??? plain black skirt- H&M Black trainers- Polo, ralph lauren Post you soon !!! xxxxx Camilla


  1. I really like your blog !
    You have a great style

  2. Your outfit totally rocks. It's so very Balmain!!

    ha, love your purse contents.

  3. my love for balmain grows stronger and stronger EVERY. DAY. hahahaha so i completely relate with all your reasons on why balmain is OH SO FAB.

    and looking gorgeous as you do :)


  4. Great your outfit also!!!

  5. Oh I love Balmain too but I`m very dissappointed with the spring 2010 collection!You look great!

  6. i need a new ipod :( i have my eyes on the ipod nano

    follow now !

  7. Great top - so classic and Balmain is SO glam love it

  8. Love the striped top! And great reasons to love Balmain!

  9. Love the outfit so much! Striped tops are one of my favorite things, and you styled yours so nicely.

  10. i am seriously in love with balmain xoxoxo

  11. I love Balmain!
    And I like your Iphone a lot!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  12. I love that Balmain collection too! It does remind me of vampires. Lol.
    And your outfit is beautiful!


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