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26 October 2009

HOLY COW. : Literally

Here are just a WHOLE TON of photos, They are from Agra, Delhi, Jaipur and Udaipur :) It was an AMAZING trip and I recommend it to EVERYONE. Delhi: We just looked around the city, Markets, Forts etc... Agra: We drove from DELHI, It took 4 hours, We visited the Taj Mahal at sunset, and got up early the next morning to go to Jaipur, we stopped at Agra Fort on the way. People started asking me to pose for pictures, or they were snapping me on their mobiles !!!!, I was terrified, But it turns out seeing a tall blonde with blue eyes is like seeing Angelina Jolie, And some people just want to say to their friends "LOOK I SAW A BLONDE !!!!", It happened throughout the trip haha xxx Jaipur: The hotel was great, But when we tried to go to the markets, IT WAS CRAZY!!, people shoving themselves at ytou and pulling you into their stalls, I hated it, And i couldnt buy a god damn thing !!! I was like "IF YOU LET ME LOOK BY MYSELF, I MAY JUST BUY SOMETHING !!!" Udaipur: My favorite part, We flew from Jaipur, very short flight. We stayed at a beautiful old palace in the middle of a lake, you had to take a boat out there :), The service and food was AMAZING and the rooms we AMAZING and we didnt do too much sightseeing, Just a palace and a market or two, very chilaxed OVERALL.. The Taj Mahal and Lake Palace hotel were the best xxxx The pictures go from Top to bottom Udaipur Jaipur Agra Delhi In that order xxxxx I bought: A dress, Wooden bangles (seen in picures above) A silver bracelet A bag and some very cute Mr and Mrs Popeye charms that cost like 5p each, Armani Sunglasses xxxxx I will do A seperate post On the stuff I bought Later :) xxxxx POST YOU LATER XXXXXXX Camilla P.S THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH TO AVA FROM STYLEBIRD BLOG FOR MY FIRST AWARD :) XOXOXOXO(YOU CAN SEE IT ABOVE HERE) XXX I give this award to: ENJOY XXX


  1. WOW. amazing photos. it sounds incredible! you lucky lucky girl :) xx

  2. Woaw it looks so amazing, really pretty pictures
    I would love to go there if only I didn't hate hot weather so much.

  3. I tottaly agree with your Item of the week ;)


  4. haha love the title! did u find cows in the middle of the street!? too crazy! :p
    love the pics! r amazing! just a tip, find any host x the pics as tiny pic, cuz ur pics are amazing but i think they ´d look better much bigger!
    ohh thanks x the comment :D

  5. Sounds and looks amazing!!

    I would so love to travel to India!

  6. Love all these pics!

  7. Beautiful photos! It must have been phenomenal to see the Taj Mahal.

  8. sounds like you had a great time! i'd love to go to India someday

  9. i adore this!!! SO amazing, such gorgeous shots
    i love it darling, thanks for sharing as always
    you look fabulous girl, love your blog!

    check out my blog @

  10. Hi! I gave you an award on my blog. I love the pics of your beautiful. I love your new header too. xoxo ava

  11. OH MY GOSHHHHHHH looking at your photos makes me SO INCREDIBLY jeaous, i would give so much right now to travel the world and you look like you've had an amazing trip, the scenery looks absolutely beautiful! .... all the while i am at home studying for my exams :( hahahha

  12. Gorgeous photos! Must have been an amazing trip!

  13. well.,.love these nice trip photos and u should to visit indonesia next time :))


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