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20 September 2009

You know a boy likes you when he gives you fashion advice ....

HELLO :) do you like my new dress xx its from TOPSHOP (as most of my clothes are now) its perfect for winter and my mom payed for half of it haha, so i am NOT broke xxxx i wore it bowling (wich was stupid because it is NOT a bowling friendly dress and i looked very pretty, but completely out of place haha) xxxxx YEY Fashion week is a great time for all of us ;) loving Betsy Johnson and Marc Jacobs ;) xxxxxxxxx JUICE


  1. i have the pink version of this looks really cute on you
    check out my blog if you have the chance

  2. i love it, it's really very nice. at first look i thought it was an old 80s prom dress, the sort of thing you pick up at vinnies, but it looks absolutely gorgeous on you. goes to show that i have a lot to learn when looking at clothes on the hanger

    cute outfit, don't you hate it when you feel overdressed though!!

    anyways :)

  3. its so cute!
    lol if ihad a nickel for everytime i was overdressed to some thing or another i could afford to buy more top shop clothing

  4. aww that looks really cute:D

  5. That dress is so pretty. Love the lace on it! Lovely blog!

  6. This dress is BEYOND gorgeous, oh I love the lace!

  7. Wow... this outfit is amazing.
    It makes you 5 years older & prettier. :D
    Good choice on tights also!


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