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27 August 2009

Summer Fashion

hello, IM BAck :D, here are all the beutiful fashion related pictures from Danmark, you can alse see the acid wash studded denim vest, checkered skirt, bow pumps, pink acid wash tee dress (also worn as a tee shirt) and blue baggy top from topshop (worn under blazer so its not that clear ha ha ) xxxx ENJOY MY SUMMER MEDLEY :p XXXXXXXXX juice :P p.s the bracelets are the ones i made, that are mentioned in my other post xxxxxx p.s THANK YOU TO PANDA (STUD MUFFIN BLOG) FOR THE AMAZING HEADER :D ) XXXXXXX


  1. you have such a well developed style for someone so young :) great work! xx

  2. Awesome ;)

    I LOVE it all - espesh that studded gilet. You lucky bugger. Oh, and YAY you used the header :) What do you say to me....?

  3. THANK YOU BUMFACE :D thats what i say to you :D xxxxxx

  4. Yo yo,

    I WILL make another, but you will have to wait. It may take a day or two.
    Oh, btws i metioned you on my last post, so you have to metion me you scurvy ridden captain boy.

    P.s - That gilet is like a shining beacon of rock 'n roll goodness
    p.p.s - Did you know theres an old kids show, and the characters had hidden pervy names like:

    Master Bates - aka masterbates!!!!!
    Seaman Stains - EW! EW! EW!


  5. I didn't dress so well when I was 13~ haha. thank you for dropping by dearie (:


  6. All of these outfits are so adorable! The last one is really sweet.

  7. My fav is the one with the blue tank, greay skirt and grey metallic belt. You are a true stylista!


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