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24 August 2009

Knot bracelets

I have gotten into bracelet making on my holidays here in danmark and have become obsessed with making these special kinda bracelts made on a little wodden thing from a special type of knot that is ver popular here in Danmark :P they can be made with colorful string and adorable beade, i am currently wearing 10 of them ha ha , i will post pictures of some when i get back home xxxxxx JUICE :P p.s i am looking for the perfect little nude dress please help me xxx


  1. i love those types of bracelets!


  2. AWESOME ;] will you show me how to make them when you get back? xxxxxxxx

  3. yeah izzy i will show you ha ha , but its not really easy :D

  4. This is a flawless example of beautiful, mesmeric art. Not only does this blog capture the ongoing development of fashion through the years in the jewelry industry.


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