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19 August 2009

HELLO, so there were no fridges etc.... in the play THANK GOD !!!!!!!!!!!, it was in total old shakespearian danish so i didn't understand 99 percent of it, they were singing and i did need my mum to translate at the end basically it was about a popular village girl who dances at the local pub for money, she sleeps with the devil and gets preggo with his child she get the magic doctor lady to get rid the child, the villagers think that she is somehow a witch cause she is suddenly no longer preggo, the very rich police man wants to marry her before all this but she refuses quite rudely so he is no longer on her side, she falls in love with this theif they run away to his village where the other mean people are not alowed, the girl who is jelous of the main girl because she is in love with the thief tricks her into see her old friend then the main girl is trapped and burned for witchery, the thief is hung, it would have been more sad if i could have understood it. the devil makes provocative comments in the back round all the way through :D it was actually a good play they could all sing nicely and i was wrapped up in about 4 blankets. Today im going shopping in Copenhagen, so i will tell y'all the amazing things that i buy !!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. a) Wow. That girl sounds a bit far-fetched! Preggo with the DEVIL!? I mean c'mon!

    b) Hmm, i want to see this play now. Sounds weirdly fun.

    c. Hav fun SHOPPING! and rememeber to buy me loads of crap! :)

    Panda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx




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